Tips to Find the Perfect Accessories for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to dressing for your big day, it’s natural to devote most of your time and energy to finding the perfect wedding gown, but what about those all-important finishing touches? If you’ve found a dress and you’re on the hunt for accessories, we’ve got some fabulous tips to help you create your dream bridal look. 

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Try accessories with your dress

One of the best ways to choose the perfect accessories for your wedding day is to try different pieces with your gown. It’s impossible to know what will look best without experimenting with jewelry, shoes, hair accessories and purses while you’re wearing your dress. Put your gown on and then try different looks. Team pieces together, wear them on their own or mix and match styles and designs. This should give you an idea of which looks you love and what works best for your daytime and evening outfits. You may find that you want to opt for something simple and classic for the ceremony and then inject a bit of fun with statement accessories for the evening, for example. 

Match jewelry to your engagement and wedding bands

If you plan to wear jewelry on your big day, it’s wise to think about the style of your engagement and wedding bands. Match necklaces, earrings, bracelets or brooches to your rings. If you have a show-stopping 3 carat diamond ring, opt for diamond earrings or a necklace or choose the same metal and let the stone in your ring steal the show. If you have vintage engagement and wedding rings, choose other rings, bangles, earrings or a necklace that complement the style of your bands. You may want to opt for the same stone or a piece that echoes the shape or design, for example. It’s worth taking some time to visit stores and browse online to see what you can find. If you are a fan of vintage jewelry, you could also visit antique shops and stalls. 

Make a statement or keep it simple?

The beauty of accessories is that they are versatile. You can use accessories to enhance other pieces or to make a statement. Think about how you want to style your look. Do you want to turn heads with a fabulous tiara, a pair of designer shoes, or an eye-catching necklace, or are you looking for simple, modest pieces that will ensure that your dress shines? If your dress is ornate or very detailed, you may want to keep it simple. If your gown is understated, you might be eager to use accessories to customize it and add personality and creative flair. Try different looks, showcase your style and think about the vibe you want to channel. 

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Finding the perfect dress is a priority for most brides, but it’s also beneficial to think about the details and finishing touches. If you’re getting ready to say I do, think about what kinds of accessories you want to wear, experiment with different looks and choose pieces that complement your gown and your engagement and wedding rings.


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