How to Choose an Engagement Ring Style that Fits Your Style

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Getting engaged is a momentous occasion in a person’s life, and if you have recently received a proposal, you are probably in a bubble of excitement right now. Having your partner leave you to choose your forever engagement ring has many benefits and is an excellent way to ensure you get to choose the perfect ring. However, selecting the ideal engagement ring can feel like a lot of responsibility and an overwhelming decision to make. If you have been browsing your local jewelry stores for engagement rings but are still unsure which one to choose, you may be looking for some extra help. The good news is that choosing the perfect engagement ring is likely to be much easier than you thought. 

Consider Your Existing Jewelry

When shopping for an engagement ring, many brides-to-be make the mistake of feeling constricted by tradition. Feeling you have to choose a specific ring style and having this in your mind while you shop can make it incredibly difficult to select the perfect choice. Your ideal ring is one you love and not one you feel you are expected to choose.  Choosing an engagement ring that makes you feel great and works well with the rest of your jewelry is an excellent way to feel comfortable with your choice. When the ring complements your other jewelry pieces, you should find that it seamlessly suits your style and makes a statement without clashing with your other accessories.

Choose the Size Carefully

When it comes to choosing engagement rings, size matters, so it is crucial to factor into your decision when you start to shop around. Measuring your ring size to select a style that fits is the first consideration. Aside from having a ring that does not slide off your finger, you also need to consider the proportions. Thinking carefully about the proportions you prefer for a ring, such as the width of the band and size of the stone, is essential. Thinking about the physical appearance of the ring and the size of your hand should enable you to select a ring that is in proportion. This will ensure that it brings the wow factor you are looking for without looking too big or small. 

Find the Right Stone

Diamonds have long been the choice for engagement rings, but in recent years, brides-to-be are not feeling constricted by this tradition. While diamonds remain popular, it is no longer expected that an engagement ring must feature diamonds, and other stones are increasingly being chosen instead. There are certainly plenty of stones to choose from for your engagement ring, from colorful stones, such as emeralds and sapphires, to the newly popular and luxurious moissanite. Once you have selected your type of stone, you simply need to find out which cuts it is available in and decide whether you are opting for a traditional solitaire engagement ring or something a little more elaborate. Many modern couples are even opting for a pre-owned engagement ring. You can find some lovely pieces that were pre-owned or even came from an estate sale. As long as you think you picked the right one for your partner, it’s going to be good.

Select the Perfect Color

As well as picking the perfect precious gems for your engagement ring, you also need to consider the color of the metal. Yellow gold and white gold are popular engagement ring choices, but platinum, palladium, and rose gold are also options worth considering. Again, choosing the perfect metal for your engagement ring is simply a matter of preference, so looking at metals that match the rest of your jewelry is a great way to ensure that it fits your style. And when in doubt, start a Pinterest page of rings that your fiancé’ can peruse!


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