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Unique Wedding Venues

Venue: Hotel Haya (Tampa, FL) Photo Credit: Rad Red Creative

If you’re the type of person who likes to think out of the box like we do, you might want a wedding venue to match. If this describes you, you’ll need to find the perfect venue that offers high-end sophistication and a kind of charismatic uniqueness.

The best way to do this?

Look for a venue that isn’t considered a traditional wedding venue!

Having your wedding at a place that wouldn’t ordinarily be used for that purpose sets a memorable tone to the whole event and gives both you and your guests something to talk about for years to come. Here are eight of the best high-end event space ideas for your wedding in 2022 and beyond.

  1. Charming Antique Library

If you or your partner is a book lover of note, getting married in a beautiful old library could bring a delightful sense of romance, antiquity, and charm to your wedding ceremony.

Many of the antique libraries spread across the US are still in pristine condition, and often, they feature mesmerizing old-school architecture. The stone arches, the scent of books… what could be more romantic for your wedding day?

From a practical perspective, antique libraries are quite spacious and capable of hosting many people at once. There’s also great natural lighting and access to important things like plug points and bathrooms, which may well come in handy during the ceremony.

  1. Bourgeoisie Boutique Hotel

The US is teeming with contemporary, boutique-style hotels that any urban gal would love. Depending on the hotel you pick, these boutique-style venues are designed to host thousands of elite socialites from all over the world. So, you can expect the service, architecture, and interior design to be on point.

What’s great about boutique hotels is that they often feature several different rooms and halls that you can use for large-scale events such as a wedding. They come readily equipped with all the amenities, resources, and fashionable flair one could hope for in a modern wedding.

  1. Glorious Glass Greenhouse

If you’re passionate about the beauty of botany, a glass greenhouse would make the perfect wedding venue. Tall, glass walls, lush greenery, and the vibrancy of lovingly pruned plants make for a magical ceremony setting.

It might be a bit of a stretch to find a greenhouse large enough to host all of your guests. But even just situating your ceremony around such a spectacular sight could be equally memorable.

Greenhouses have a freshness, a vitality to them that feels cooling and invigorating at once. During the spring or early summertime, this glittering glass building would make an excellent ceremonial backdrop.

  1. Sophisticated Wine Farm

Who doesn’t love going to a wine farm? Most people would go purely for the array of delicious, locally produced wine. But add a wedding into the mix, and you’ve got a venue winner.

Not only would you have access to some of the finest wines in the country, but you’d get to enjoy the pristine grounds and vineyards that you’ll typically find on US wine farms. These farms are also usually kitted out with chairs, hosting facilities, and catering kitchens, making them the ideal venue for a wedding.

  1. Mysterious Refurbished Castle

Some people go their whole lives fantasizing about being royalty. You could experience that for a day by booking a castle to host your exquisite wedding.

While the fairytale castles of childhood storybooks aren’t exactly what the US is known for, there are still a variety of gorgeous châteaux, palaces, and old-school mansions that would be great wedding venues. The beauty of historical architecture and open grounds would make a perfect ceremony setting. You could choose to get married inside or out, and the photographs are sure to be spectacular.

  1. Idyllic Ranches

Contrary to what some people might think, there are many exquisite ranches that are well equipped to host high-end weddings with an earthy, organic flair. From the rolling green pastures to the grazing cattle or fields of horses in the distance, the scenery at any upmarket US ranch is unmatched.

The ranching industry has boomed over the past decade, which means these farms have been investing considerably into luxury venue settings and amenities. Some of them even work in conjunction with acclaimed restaurants or wineries for that glam-on-a-farm feel.

  1. Urban City Rooftop

Do you and your soon-to-be spouse reminisce about the days you used to party all night at rooftop parties? Well, here’s some good news, you no longer have to.

There are a vast number of exquisite, high-end rooftop venues available across the US, many of which you can book as a wedding venue. No matter what time of the day, being able to view the world from up high will give your wedding a transcendental feeling that neither you nor your guests will ever forget.

Many of the ‌rooftop venues in city centers come with optional catering, bar services, and seating arrangements that would make organizing your big day even easier.

  1. Cultured Art Gallery

Love fine art and feeling cultured? Why not get married in an art gallery? If you can find one big enough to suit your needs and is available for a day of rental, an art gallery makes a great statement venue.

If you can’t find an art gallery, an exhibition space would deliver a similar visual effect. The crisp white walls, the creative energy, the great lighting—it all makes for a highly evocative and stimulating wedding venue. The blank space is also ideal for whatever wedding color scheme or theme you choose, so you can bring your artistic vision to life with no interference.

Pick A Venue That’s Perfectly You

Finding a wedding venue ‌you like can be a difficult task. But with enough research and creative thinking, you can find the perfect place to set the scene for your big day.

These eight high-end yet unusual event space ideas will take you out of your comfort zone and into something much more exciting and memorable. If your wedding is coming up soon, we hope you can take some inspiration from these out-of-the-box venue ideas.


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