Intimate Wedding Ideas: 6 Tips for Success

6 Intimate Wedding Ideas To Help Make It A Success

Once you have said the magical “I do”, numerous fun awaits you. One of which is planning your big day. Or your small day. Your wedding day should be the most magical event that you have ever hosted, no matter the size. With an intimate wedding, you have an abundance of choices to make it stunning and picture-perfect as you are not forced to invite an enormous amount of guests and spend an insane amount of money on multiple vendors. Hence, a petite-sized wedding exudes elegance, romance, and gives out a sense of having a more meaningful connection with the people who you’ve invited. Here are 6 intimate wedding ideas to help make it a success:

1. Plan things out meticulously

Just because you’ve set your mind to organize a small-sized event, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to plan things out and stay organized. On the contrary. A well-presented plan will enable you to relax and enjoy your special day even more. Set a clear budget, determine whether you want a lush backyard reception or to travel to an exotic place. If you desire to book an intimate venue, plan to visit various locations and search out lucrative, but sophisticated vendors. A practical to-do list will certainly contribute to a successful event.

2. Focus more on yourselves

In every wedding, compromise is a must. Unlike with large-scaled weddings, with an intimate event, you can have and buy more things that suit the both of you. There’s no need to prioritize and rule out some things just because you’re limited in some manner, at an intimate wedding you can get all the items your heart desires. From the exquisite wedding dress to designer shoes. Since you are able to lower your cost-per-head, you can even get gorgeous jewelry as an eternal symbolic bond of your love, just hop over to this website to find out more about how to choose the perfect jewelry pieces. 

3. Shrink your guest list adequately

With smaller-sized weddings, there’s no worry that you have neglected some guest or God forbid forgot to invite somebody. Without that pressure, you can focus on inviting only the closest and dearest friends and family that truly means the world to you. That is the best thing about an intimate wedding. Surrounding yourselves with the people you care most about. Quality over quantity. 

4. Spruce up your décor

A small wedding means you can put more of your budget into the details. As you can set the ambiance any way that you wish, you can focus on decorating the venue with more impressive elements if you desire. Whether you want to go the DIY route or splurge on all things aesthetic, smaller weddings give you a lot more flexibility to do this. 

5. Create a relaxed ambiance

Unlike grooms, brides tend to spend hours worrying whether every guest will be impressed and have fun. All of those issues are completely ruled out with an intimate wedding. The recipe for success is to create an inviting, down-to-earth, and romantic ambiance where each guest will feel connected to the bride and groom or bride and bride or groom and groom. Planning and organizing a small wedding involves a stress-free process since the fun is utterly guaranteed as you will have an intimate and close-knit connection and experience with the people you love.

6. The freedom of choices

The most thrilling aspect of organizing an intimate wedding is that you won’t need to compromise on numerous items. You can wear whatever feels true to you, even if that happens to be a white pantsuit. You won’t need to narrow down the honeymoon choice. Not only will you have the opportunity to splurge on some of your must-haves, but you’ll be able to skip what doesn’t matter to you and have a meaningful reception.

Hopefully, these 6 intimate wedding ideas will help you! Organizing an intimate wedding, especially due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, will teach us how to create and cherish intimate memories with those that are closest to us. And that’s all that matters.

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