What is the BEST Honeymoon Destination?

What is the best Honeymoon Destination? Although not as symbolically important as the wedding day, the honeymoon is still as much a part of the wedding occasion as the ceremony, reception, or the panicked calls to a wedding planner at all hours of the night. As most people who have been through the process will tell you, after months of nervousness, stress, and anticipation, a vacation together at the end of it is so important. 

Of course, the question that then arises is: Where? There are SO many options, and for most people, the honeymoon may be the most extravagant trip they ever take. When choosing a location, it’s important to go somewhere that really fits the two of you as a couple – and there is no doubt that different couples will have different priorities for their big trip. Below, we have a few highlighted a few options that could prove to be the best honeymoon destination. 

For anyone who loves gorgeous scenery


Iceland Honeymoon

Iceland Honeymoon

Dramatic landscapes can be extremely evocative, and there is so much variety out there. One popular choice is the icy, volcanic magic of Iceland. At the very North and far West of Europe, its remarkable hills and epic rock formations will never be forgotten by anyone who honeymoons there. Staying in Europe, but much further south, you’ll find Croatia and its stunning resort of Dubrovnik. Sandstone buildings and sweeping views of the Adriatic Sea make this one of the dream destinations for honeymooners. We have actually had some of our adventurous couples consider these destinations for an extravagant bachelor/bachelorette parties too. 

For those who want to relax and bask in the sun | The Best Honeymoon Destination?

While picturesque scenery is nice, many prefer to enjoy a simpler honeymoon somewhere with a beach, secluded hideaway, and staff to wait on you hand and foot and say “My pleasure”. If this is you, then The Caribbean has you covered. Whether you choose the exclusive privacy and calm blue waters of St Lucia or the pristine white sands of Jamaica’s Montego Bay. Both fit beautifully into the wide range of luxurious, all-inclusive, sun-soaked Sandals honeymoon of a lifetime, and there are plenty of other secluded, adults-only options to be found. After a DREAM wedding, a DREAM honeymoon to match is what you deserve.

For those who are more adventurous

Galapagos Honeymoon

Galapagos Honeymoon

As idyllic as a sand-and-sun honeymoon might be, not every couple wants to spend their dream vacay sunbathing or reading a book. If you are an adventurous couple at heart, then an adventurous honeymoon can be pretty special. Amongst the most popular examples are the Galapagos Islands. Along with a superb natural setting, a Galapagos honeymoon offers you the chance to indulge in sea excursions where you can see wildlife such as marine iguanas and the legendary Galapagos turtles. You can snorkel, scuba dive, take boat excursions, and adventure around as much as you wish. Or, if you want to honeymoon in a really unique destination, Turkey’s Cappadocia features a hotel carved into a mountain cliff; the plushest cave you’ll ever encounter. With hot air balloon trips on offer, it really is a fairytale destination.

The Best Honeymoon Destination

Of course, there are a ton of options for a fabulous honeymoon, but these are six sizzling spots where you can enjoy the break of a lifetime with your once in a lifetime. 

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