Unique elements that can help your wedding day shine

When you get engaged, your mind is full of ideas on how to plan your wedding. You might be the type who has thousands of images on Pinterest that you have been saving since you were 10, or you might be the type who has never given their wedding day any thought. Regardless, once the extreme excitement from your engagement starts to wear off, you will want to move to step 2…planning your wedding. You will start to think about things like where you want to get married, who you want to invite, what you want the vision to look like, who you want to be in your bridal party. The list goes on. But while none of us will really have the same thought process, there will always be one thing in common. We all want a unique day. In these uncertain times, you may find that your wedding has a unique element to it already, such as a much smaller guest count, no dancing, or an all outdoor component. But whatever your wedding looks like, there are unique elements that can help your wedding day shine.

Here are just a few examples:

Unique Elements for Wedding Day : Ritz Carlton Bachelor's Gulch Wedding
Ritz Carlton Bachelor’s Gulch Wedding – image by Sarah Porter

Let the venue do the talking

The wedding venue is a really important aspect of the day, so if you are looking to add a unique touch to the day then this could be exactly how you do it. Your venue is the place where your ceremony and/or your reception will take place. If you are looking for a unique touch then the venue is the first place to start. Do you want sunsets and toes in the sand? Do you want a breathtaking mountain range? Are city lights at night your style? The venue really sets the tone for what style of event you are going to plan, so it plays a very important role. Also, when choosing your venue, the date is important as well. Every year we scroll to the following year and look for the “must have” wedding dates. Like 1/22/22 or 5/21/22. It’s important. This will be celebrated every year on your anniversary for the rest of your life. Pick a good one.

What about wedding transportation?

Often a factor that gets overlooked is wedding transportation. How will you get to the church or the chosen venue? How will you make that first journey as a husband or wife? This is when taking some time to think about this could help you add a unique touch to your day. You could consider a limo service or perhaps a vintage car. Maybe you want to take care of your guests and have buses or coaches to take them from one place to the next so they don’t have to worry about drinking and driving. This is especially important with destination weddings. Shuttling isn’t always sexy or fun, especially if the drive is over 25 minutes. But, you can come up with ways to make it amazing! For instance, as your guests load the shuttle, they are handed champagne in a can. (bubbles always make a long ride more bearable). We once had a shuttle pull off an exit on the side of the highway and pick up a homeless person. You can imagine the guests’ shock and surprise. Well, he wasn’t actually homeless, he was a magician. He entertained the guests all the way to the venue! Many of them didn’t want to get off the bus they enjoyed it so much. Lastly, think about your guests’ ride back to their hotel after they have been partying all night. As they load the bus, hand them water, some Advil, and a breakfast burrito. Or, if you want to keep the party going, turn that water into a Red Bull or 5-hour energy drink. There are so many fun touches you can add to something so simple. 

Entertainment for your wedding guests

Maybe the uniqueness you want to add to your day can come in the terms of entertainment at the ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception. After all, happy guests make for a memorable day. There are plenty of things you can do here. Photo booths, video booths, whiskey bars, cigar rolling stations, a live painter, lawn games, or an interactive guest book. We once had a large map blown up of the world, and we had the guest pin their name on it next to the place they thought the groom was surprising the bride with for their honeymoon. There were some really hilarious guesses. The person that guessed it right, or got the closest, won a beautiful gift from the honeymoon location. Cheyenne, Wyoming anyone? Just kidding. He took her to the Galapagos Islands. 

Thinking outside of the box (literally) when it comes to food

Food is a big part of the wedding day. It can truly set the tone for a successful event. Food, Booze, and Music can make or break a party! From food trucks and street food to creative and interactive buffets or lavish sit-down dinners. You can go for a theme with food or opt to just “elevate” the norm. If you do like the formal sit-down dinner and want an elegant feel, that is great. But you can think beyond the chicken and salmon here. You want the food to reflect the two of you as a couple, whether that be your culture, your favorite restaurants, special places where you had a memorable meal, or even the location you are getting married. Most experienced caterers can create anything you could possibly want, so don’t feel stuck to a certain set menu. Also, you must think beyond the wedding cake too. Lavish dessert displays, decadent late-night snacks. Go for it!                  Love Chick-fil-A or In and Out Burger. Then serve it up at 12 am. Your guests will LOVE you for it! And please, my vegan friends. We certainly respect your culinary wishes with your everyday diet. But you have to think about your guests here too. We find it selfish when couples want to force their eating and (non) drinking lifestyles onto their guests. This is a celebration. You can find a happy place for everyone! 

Consider a theme for the day

We aren’t talking costume party here! But, you could really set the tone for a fun event if you allow your guests some creative freedom with their attire. Maybe you want everyone dressed in white. Or black. Or Black Tie. It doesn’t have to be over the top. We aren’t suggesting everyone dress as their favorite Harry Potter character. Although, if that is your thing, or you are getting married on Halloween, then, by all means, go for it. Consider a unique theme for the day that allows guests to express their creativity through attire. Intriguing steampunk costumes could be a fantastic option, adding an extra touch of whimsy and elegance to your wedding while encouraging guests to embrace the theme and have a memorable time. We find that even just requesting women to wear long dresses or gowns, and men to wear a tuxedo can elevate a party to the next level and make everyone feel confident which always leads to a good time and a packed dance floor! (and of course, fancy photos) Plus, most people LOVE a good reason to buy something new. 

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