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5 Tips To Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

Knowing that your wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life should cause you to want to make it memorable for you and your spouse. Every thought of making your entire wedding a surprise to your guests? Or how about this idea. Are you getting married in a tropical location? What about spraying your invitations with a scent that smells like fresh air, a beach, and a Pina colada! Ohhh…or what about scratch and sniff stamps. Yah, I said that. There are so many creative ways to make your wedding feel as unique as you want it to be. Consider these tips in making your wedding day extra special!

  • Use creative wedding guest favors

Express your gratitude to your guests by offering them carefully chosen wedding favors. Your guests will appreciate your kind gesture, no matter how small. But, our rule of thumb is, “If you cant eat it or drink it, it’s probably not worth it”. Am I right? 

  • Rent a luxury vehicle

Another thought to make your wedding day memorable is to consider securing a luxury vehicle. High-end luxury car rental companies can offer you an exotic car to make your travel accommodations special.  Consider the best limousine service in your area to take you to your wedding venue safely and comfortably. Besides allowing you to turn heads at the event, a luxury vehicle can spice up your wedding ceremony, especially if you are a supercar-loving couple. Also, makes for a great pic!

  • Personalize your Wedding Decor

When it comes to your decor, you’ve GOT to think Pinterest. As planners and designers, we L-O-V-E Pinterest for Inspo! (We call it “Pinspo”) But we do not like copying things that other people have done (if we can help it) So take an idea and embellish it, to make it new, different, and unique to the two of you.

  • Have an Exceptional Cake

Trust us, people DO care about the cake. If it sucks, they won’t eat it. But if it’s amazing, they will remember it.  You could even surprise your fiancé with an additional cake that is more FUN and maybe represents their personal interests or hobbies. Make it a fun flavor too! Funfetti, anyone? Discuss this with your spouse and come up with something that looks and tastes fantastic. 

  • Invite a live musician to perform

If you can’t afford a band, we get it! They are expensive (but worth it if you pick the right one!) That being said, you can still have live components to the music at your wedding. You have to think about the ceremony, cocktail hour AND reception. (and potentially an after-party) So, try to work some live pieces in where you can. For instance, imagine your guests sitting at the ceremony waiting for it to start, and all of a sudden a surprise Acapella group arrives and entertains them Pitch Perfect style. That would be EPIC!

Your wedding will always be special because it’s the day you married the love of your life. Adding one or all of these tips can make your wedding day extra special!

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