How to Find a Great Wedding Venue

Hawaii Wedding Planner

Hawaii Wedding Planner

Getting married is like going on an exciting voyage into the unknown. Now, before you book that honeymoon cruise and sail away toward the sunset, you must get through the most important part of every wedding day…the ceremony.

This means you will need the perfect location to ensure you have an unforgettable event. Here are some things to consider.

Size Things Up

If you choose a venue that’s too small your guests, you will be tightly packed together like sardines and they’ll start complaining about comfort, weather, the elements, etc. This is a quick way to make tying the knot become your worst nightmare. So make sure you plan!

No-one wants to hear the pre ceremony whispers about the bad choice in location. It will make your nuptials less enjoyable and your guest experience tarnished. Here is a venue you could consider https:/ to ensure your event offers maximum comfort.

You want your guests to say your wedding was the best wedding they ever attended. So remember, that all starts with their first impression, which is usually the ceremony. If you are having trouble finding the perfect venue, then consider hiring a luxury wedding planner to assist you. You should definitely consider this if you are planning a destination wedding. A destination wedding planner can make your life so much easier and can offer you and your guests an unforgettable experience

Create a Vision

You need to create a vision for the venue in order for it to feel cohesive and represent the two of you. Do you imagine a luxurious venue with the ocean lying just beyond the horizon? Or, do you imagine yourself surrounded by breathtaking accommodations, such as can be found at a hotel? Or do you imagine yourself getting married on the top of a beautiful majestic mountain?

Close your eyes and try to envision what you want. Call it “nuptial magic” if you wish, but this trick works wonders.

If you are experiencing some indecision about your venue it’s a good idea to sit down with your future mate, and imagine exactly what you want your big day to look like. This will not only make your vision clear but it’s also a chance for you to align your vision with your partner as well.

Your Dress

Are you going to be avant garden and were color, or do you want to go the traditional route of wearing white? When it comes to selecting that all-important show-stopping dress, some people like to spice things up by wearing different colors. We also our clients doing multiple outfit changes. Think ceremony dress, reception dress, and maybe even a fabulous mini or jumpsuit.

Remember that the theme of your nuptials will come in very handy when you are planning for this. It will also help you with designing your space to fit your aesthetic.

Enjoy the Day

Your big day is something that you should be high on for the rest of your life. It’s likely that you will get a photographer to capture every magical thing that happened. You should also consider hiring a videographer as well. Studies show, not hiring a videographer is one of our clients biggest regrets.

When you rewatch these videos in years to come, you want to still feel all that joy flowing toward you from the screen. Also, you may want to show your children someday. Or, even so, if you were to lose a loved one after the wedding, you could refer back to the video whenever you wanted to see them again.

So make sure you pay close attention to selecting the perfect venue. Don’t settle until you do.


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