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Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, the culmination of months of planning and preparation; it is a day that deserves to be celebrated in style. From the guest lists to invitations, venues, and outfits, there is much to account for and much to personalize to your preferences. 

Among the many decisions is the choice of food for your wedding. The culinary themes are endless, from the adventurous to the classics. 

Diving into diverse catered lunch cuisines doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some ideas that could take your wedding day to the next level.

Catering Paired With Location

If your wedding occurs abroad or in an otherwise unique location, pair your wedding meal with the surroundings. Pairing your culinary tastes with the venue is a way to make sure your particular venue bleeds into every element of the day. A few examples of food paired with your location include.

Farm-To-Table Delights

For weddings taking place in the country or rural areas, you may want to go for a rustic theme with your food. Especially when surrounded by farmland, you may want to look for locally sourced food. Whether it be cheese made from milk on the local farms or a freshly prepared plowman’s lunch, the choice is yours. 

Street Food

Alternatively, for weddings taking place abroad, you may want to take your guests on a journey through the country’s street food culture. This idea is fascinating for countries with rich culinary cultures like Thailand, India, and Mexico. 

The Classics

Despite the many adventurous options out there, sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. There’s a reason why the classic wedding meal remains a popular choice – it simply exudes elegance and charm. 

The traditional wedding meal is a plated three-course menu. Some ideas for each course include:

  • Starters: Refreshing salads or prawn cocktails featuring mixed greens, tomatoes, and tangy vinaigrette.
  • Mains: Sirloin steaks, herb-roasted chicken, or, now, more commonly, flavourful vegetarian options. These are usually paired with a medley of seasonal vegetables and potatoes (cooked to your preference.)
  • Deserts: Decadent desserts like rich chocolate fondants or raspberry creme brulees simply don’t fall out of style and are the perfect way to wrap up proceedings.

Sometimes, it’s best to approach the wedding meal with the saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” and the classic three-course meal doesn’t leave anything to be desired. 

Fun and Food

If a sit-down meal is too boring for your wedding, there are plenty more options out there for you. Bring something a little more unique to the table with the following:

  • Food Trucks: Whether you’re choosing just the one or a fleet, a food van can be a fun and interactive choice for your culinary options. From gourmet burgers to fresh seafood, let your guests choose their favorites.
  • Live Cooking Stations: For an out-there experience, you could try to emulate a market and set up food stalls at your venue, allowing your guests to sit and watch as their food is prepared. 

Wrapping Things Up

Remember that the wedding day is your day, and lunch is the perfect opportunity to infuse your personality and style into the celebration. Get creative! Whether you opt for the classic wedding meal or go for the rustic charm, your guests are sure to be treated to a memorable culinary experience. 


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