Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

If there is one ring that needs to be perfect (other than your wedding of course) it is your engagement ring. Most of the time the engagement ring choice will be up to the person who will be proposing. However, getting input from your future spouse is extremely helpful, especially knowing their correct ring size. Pinterest is always a great place to browse for all styles, shapes and sizes and sometimes you will even discover that your future mate may have already pinned some of their favorites. Boom! Also, if you consult a Wedding Planner, they can guide you as well throughout the process. As a Colorado Wedding Planner, who also plans surprise wedding proposals, we have helped many clients purchase the perfect engagement ring. 

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

But there is no harm in making sure that they know exactly what you are wanting when they are choosing your ring. You can even make sure you let your friends and family know – just in case they are asked for advice. 

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Not every ring shape will suit everyone, and not everyone will like the simple, classic options. The shape of the ring may also determine the size and style of the wedding band that you will eventually choose. For instance, if you go with a pear shape, you really need to consider what style of wedding band would coordinate with this. 

Each cut of the diamond will be different, and each one will have a different dollar amount attached. It is essential that you know the 4cs of diamonds ahead of making this decision. 

A round cut is a classic option, but you may prefer a square, cushion cut, or marquis style diamond. 


If you always wear silver, then perhaps you want your engagement ring to stand out. Choosing a gold band can set your engagement ring apart from the rest of your jewelry and make it something truly special. 

If you don’t love the idea of the metal being utterly different from what you typically wear but still want something interesting, then platinum or rose gold can be great options too. White gold is also a popular option, however if you go this route, be aware that you may have to get the rhodium plating redone over time, as it does tend to fade year after year. 


The person proposing will often take a ring that you wear and use that as the sizing guide for your engagement ring. If you choose the ring together, you will get the opportunity to have your finger measured in advance, so you know that it will fit perfectly. 

Another option is to make sure your partner knows your ring size far in advance and maybe have it written down somewhere. Having it noted down will mean that you don’t need to have the ring resized or replaced after the big proposal. 


Some people don’t mind a more conservative size ring, while others want the diamond to be as big as possible! You might have already decided you want the clearest possible stone or that you might like a larger, whiter stone. Often times, couples will agree to go the Cubic Zirconia route in which then you can really go for quantity over quality, but you will have to continue to replace the stone over time, as they tend to lose their clarity and get foggy. But, the price point is much less than a real diamond, so this may work for some, but not for others. 

The color and the clarity of the stone might not be necessary to you, but if it is – make sure you have discussed this in plenty of time. 


An engagement ring is one of the most expensive purchases people make, and it is essential to know that you have gotten it right. Ensure that your partner is only willing to shop at engagement stores online and a person that offers certified stones. It has long been said that you should spend at least 2 months salary on the engagement ring. So, for example, if you are making $100,000 per year, you should spend roughly $15,000 – $20,000 on the engagement ring. This is just a baseline example to help you figure out your budget. 

The American Gem Society for the Gemological Institute of America is the certification that you should be looking for. Any other society of accreditation may be compromised. 

Before your partner leaves the store or even parts with any money, make sure they check the certification against the stone they are buying. 

An engagement ring is a significant and exciting purchase, so it pays to get it right! Also, make sure you insure the ring in case it gets damaged, lost, or stolen. This is very important! We like Jewelers Mutual or you could also add it to your Homeowner’s Policy. 

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