Colorado Wedding Planner shares Tips on Making your Wedding Unique

When you are planning your wedding, it can be easy to only think about the big decisions and what is coming up next. However, there are a lot of little things that will make your day special and memorable; these small details add up to make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your wedding day! That said, here are some tips on going the extra mile for your wedding. As a creative Colorado Wedding Planner who prides themselves on our unique ideas, this is one of our favorite parts to every wedding. Our ingenious ideas have won numerous created a lot of buzz and won us numerous awards. 

Live Wedding Painter

Live Wedding Painter

#1 Wedding Favors are making a comeback 

The first way to show your guests some extra love is by giving them a “wedding favor”. This could be anything from a small treat like personalized truffles or a mini bottle of champagne to something more personalized like a thank-you note, donation to a charity, a Christmas ornament, or custom bottle opener. The ideas are endless! If you want to get creative, you could even make the favors yourself! However, when considering what to give, we always think “if you they can eat or drink it” they will likely take it. But don’t be fooled, we throw away of lot of the tchotchke stuff, so be very intentional in what you pick. Otherwise, don’t waste your money, your guest won’t miss it. In lieu of favors, many of our clients opt for custom welcome bags filled with all kinds of fun stuff. 

#2 Think outside the traditional Seating Chart

The sky is the limit these days on how to do a fun and unique seating chart. We LOVE when our clients want to do something fun with this versus just a card folded in half. You can get personal here and so something that reflects the two of you. Drink Champagne!? Do a Champagne Wall. Love Origami? Hang their names on an origami tree. Want a more modern flair? Do an acrylic seating chart. Getting married in Mexico? Incorporate something indicative of the area like a Mexican Tile Seating Chart. Your wedding planner can help you come up with some fun ideas or Pinterest is always worth a visit.

#3 Bring in Surprise Entertainment 

When planning your wedding day, don’t forget to think about what will keep guests entertained during the reception. This is especially important if you have a large number of children in attendance; it’s always nice when parents can sit back and relax for an hour or two! Or feel free to not invite children at all! Trust me, as a parent, we WON’T be offended. 

Photo and Video Booths seem to continue to be booked year after tear. For example, check out this booth from A Photo Booth Las Vegas. After dinner, your guests can let loose and take some very fun photos and videos. 

If this isn’t your style, there are tons of other options. You could have special dancers lead your guests from cocktails into the reception. You could have an aerialist bartender serve a specialty cocktail later on in the night. You could hire a live painter to paint a scene on site from your wedding as guests watch. Or, you could have a roaming dessert or champagne display. There are SO many fun options to really WOW your guests. We love partnering with our friends at Elan Artists! They always have such creative ideas. 

Live Champagne Table

Live Champagne Table

#4 Have Live Music

Another great way to keep guests entertained is by having live music throughout the night. Not only does this create a romantic atmosphere, but it also gives everyone something to listen to while they chat and dance. If you’re leaning towards a specific band, make sure to book them sooner rather than later. Popular bands tend to get booked up quickly! 

Having live music is one of the easiest ways to make sure that everyone has a great time at your wedding. Not only does it set the mood, but it also provides something for guests to listen to – no matter what their age! We always try to mix up the genres as well. Start out the ceremony with a string quartet. Then, for cocktail hour, secure a roaming acapella group or an acoustic guitarist who can also sing. Then move into a jazz trio for dinner, and a full 16+ piece band for dancing. Your guests will appreciate listening to various styles of music versus one type all night. We also love ending the evening with a DJ fusion product, which is a DJ that plays alongside a few “live” instruments such as a sax and drummer. This always wows our guests. 

#5 Cigar Lounge

If you and your significant other are smokers, consider having a cigar lounge with live cigar roller available for guests to enjoy. This is a great way to add some personality to your wedding and give guests a chance to relax in between activities. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to chat and get to know each other better. Make sure to set up some fun lounge areas for mingling and maybe even consider pairing the cigars with a whiskey or scotch tasting bar. 

If you’re not sure where to start, ask your venue if they have any restrictions or recommendations. And if there’s no smoking allowed indoors, be sure to provide plenty of outdoor space. 

Having a cigar lounge at your wedding is definitely a unique touch that not many couples choose, but it can be really fun for those who do! It’s the perfect place for smokers (and non-smokers) to relax and chat, or get some fresh air.

#6 Get Guests Involved

Guests love a good surprise! Don’t feel like you need to divulge EVERY detail of your wedding leading up to it. Leave a few things to mystery! We are talking fireworks, sparkler towers, live performers, or event something as simple as a gelato or ice cream cart. You could even get creative with your hors d’oeuvres or how you serve your drinks. Bring in a late night taco truck. Hire a beer burro! The key is to HAVE FUN, make it personal to you, and always remember that the guest experience is #1 (next to your own, of course).

Beer Burro Wedding

Beer Burro Wedding

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