Matching your wedding ring and engagement ring


When buying a wedding ring, one of the most difficult prospects is matching it to your engagement ring. After all, both of the rings will be worn together, and you will certainly want each of them to be bold and stand out. But, you also need to ensure that they blend together nicely. If the rings are too contrasting in style, then they will look misplaced when they are put together. Therefore, in order to give you a helping hand, take note of the following advice…

Professional advice

You should certainly make sure that you talk to an experienced jeweler, such as the team at Rachel and Victoria. After all, they have been providing engagement rings and wedding rings for many years and will be able to give you solid advice on how to match them together. You may have a certain idea in your head, but it simply may not work. The jeweler will be able to present you with different options regarding how to move forward and find something that matches. On occasion, brides will have the engagement ring and wedding ring soldering together so they are always attached to each other and fit nicely. Other brides will choose a sleeve that wraps around the engagement ring and covers both sides. 

Go for a simplistic wedding ring design

It is usually the case that the engagement ring contains most of the style, whereas the wedding band is more simple. This does not mean that the wedding ring has to be plain by any means. Of course, there is the traditional smooth-lined band which is just plain metal with a stunning shine. Nevertheless, there are lots of other options which are highly fashionable at the moment yet contain a lot more detail. 

There is the pave-set diamond band which is popular and contains small diamonds lacing the band the whole way round. A similar style to this is the diamond eternity ring. The diamonds are a lot bigger and therefore, it is a lot more eye-catching. However, because the diamonds are the same the whole way around and the ring does not contain too many elements, this is still a style that will match most engagement rings. And finally, one of the most popular wedding rings at the moment is the trio micro pave diamond band – this contains three rows of diamonds with usually the middle row being slightly bigger.

Seek a bespoke service

By getting your rings custom made, you can ensure that you match your wedding ring to your engagement ring because it will be designed specifically in order to suit the design. It is crucial that you seek an experienced jeweler for this service.

So there you have it: some tips when it comes to matching your wedding ring and engagement ring. This is something you definitely need to consider to make sure that the rings fit together perfectly on your finger. Try different styles together to get an idea of the sort of engagement rings and wedding rings that are the perfect match. If you want to subtly help your fiancé’ out on what you like, and don’t like, start a Pinterest page of rings to help them out. You could even make a note on what size your ring finger is in the pictures comments to be of even more assistance and not make them ask you what size your ring finger is. That takes away ALL the surprise. 


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