3 things you should consider when accessorizing your wedding dress

So, you’ve found the perfect dress, YEAH! Now, to the next step, picking out the finishing touches to make it a complete look. But, what should you be thinking about? We’re going to have a look below at some of the considerations you should be making. 

Less Is More 

Accessories can certainly add a unique touch to your look, however, too many can be distracting and take away from that gorgeous dress. When it comes to accessorizing on your wedding day, less is definitely more. Before you start looking for add ons like a veil, earrings, hair piece, necklace, bracelet, etc. Make sure you write down all the statement parts of your dress. If your dress has lots of detail, maybe choose a small pair of earrings, as opposed to a necklace. If you’re wearing a simpler dress, then go ahead and add that statement necklace. A simpler dress can handle ALL the accessories, so go for it! If you want to splurge on jewelry, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, you could also consider renting. This is a great way to be dripping in diamonds for less! Our favorite partner for this is Verstolo

Think Beyond Just The Jewels

When it comes to accessorizing, you need to think past the jewelry that you want to wear. There are loads of options to add a unique touch to your look. You could add an embellished sash to your dress, choose a chic clutch, customize your gown with creative touches, or add a cape. You should also think about things like your glasses. (if you wear them) If you usually wear glasses, and aren’t comfortable in contacts, but you feel like your everyday pair doesn’t cut it, you could consider something chic, such as a pair of Michael Kors glasses

Keep It Comfortable

Obviously, other than your wedding dress, you also need to think about buying the perfect pair of shoes. Yes, you want to make sure you have a killer pair that goes perfectly with your dress, but don’t let it compromise your comfort. (unless you are planning to change) You’re going to have long periods of time standing, you have to walk down the aisle, and of course, dance the night away. When shopping for this important accessory, make sure to consider the height of the heel. The higher the height, the more chance there is for pain. However, if you get a shoe with a platform under the toes, this can help your feet last a little longer. You should also think about the straps, the material they are made of, as well walk around and see if there are any spots that are going to rub you wrong or cause blisters. Try to look for high-quality materials, they are much more comfortable than synthetic, and a lot more durable. This is a place to splurge. We LOVE the shoes at Aquazzura.

If you want to make sure you have the best fit, try shopping at the end of the day, when your feet are the most swollen from activity. Although you probably like the thought of taking a fresh brand new pair of shoes out of the box on your wedding day, one of the best things you can do is break them in beforehand. Just wear them around the house for a week before your wedding and make a mental note of the problem areas. You can then prepare and put things like blister plasters, heel grips, or insoles. You don’t want ANY surprises on your wedding day. 

Although this is a special day, remember you want to be comfortable, and don’t stray too far away from your usual style. If you don’t usually wear loads of bling, there is no need to drown yourself in it on your wedding day. The name of the game is to look and feel like the most beautiful, and best (upgraded) version of your true self, the person your fiancé feel in love. 


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