Emily and Alex’s Urban Luxury Wedding

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Emily and Alex are both actors/comedians, and they bring the excitement of the theatre to their everyday lives! It was a blast working with them to create ideas that would knock their guests’ socks off. We absolutely loved that they never thought any idea was too over the top! The entire wedding truly reflected who they were as a couple.

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Every detail of this wedding was meticulously thought out and discussed. As guests entered McNichol’s Stadium, there was a giant lit up finger directing them up to the ceremony on the 3rd floor. As guests entered, champagne was passed, and they took their seat with a theatre themed ceremony program. A succulent wall hung as the backdrop for the ceremony, with a chandelier lighting it and the stage. Emily’s aisle runner was custom made with a geometric design and lots of sparkles! When the ceremony ended, guests were surprised as the drapes were pulled back revealing cocktail hour! The food and beverage was a large production meant to entertain as well as fill tummies. There was a bubble bar for just champagne (the good kind), with a bubble backdrop and plenty of garnishes to create beautiful drinks! There was a mozzarella pulling station where mozzarella was pulled and formed into balls. Make sure to check out the signage for the bars – it won’t disappoint! Geometrics were a large part of the decor. The cocktail table linens were a fun zig-zag pattern, and the geometric octagon with floral in it complimented it well.

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Guests were guided downstairs to the 2nd floor for the reception, where they were greeted with an escort card display to find their table. The escort cards were white tiles with gold calligraphy, expertly arranged on a serpentine table. The reception room was breathtaking to say the least. All of the glassware was gold rimmed, the linens were a magical pattern with a touch of sparkle, the stage for the band was framed with a proscenium that lit up with many colors, the florals were a gorgeous pop of color, there were chandeliers hung throughout the entire room, the lounge furniture was luxurious, and I could go on and on! Alex and Emily were introduced into the room as the elevator opened and as any actor would expect, a spotlight followed them to their seats.

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The first dances were so seamlessly executed and extravagant you’d think it was a Broadway performance! The main hit was Emily’s dance with her dad, Bill. They started off in a slow dance, and then the music took a turn and they busted out their disco moves. The pictures captured of it are priceless. This brought everyone onto the dance floor for a night full of dancing. At the end of the night, a flaming donut station began. You could see your donuts being freshly lit on fire for you, with an assortment of toppings and sauces. A perfect midnight snack to go with your coffee. Enjoy these fabulous pictures by Cassie Rosch!

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Photography: Cassie Rosch

Venue: McNichol’s Civic Center

Floral: The Perfect Petal

Calligraphy: Pretty Writing

Catering: Epicurean

Decor: Amora Group

Cake: The Makery

Linens: Luxe Linen



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