4 Best Tips to Set an Amazing Event Aesthetic

Lounge Furniture | 4 Best Tips to Set an Amazing Event Aesthetic
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No matter what event you are hosting, any get-together which requires a comfortable setting for multiple guests involves a few key factors that set the tone for the entire event. There are a few things you want to make sure you have, like great lighting, the best lounge furniture, and tasteful decor. 

Know that your seating is the primary object in every scene and that all other objects are a tangent. Your event backdrop revolves around the most important features of your venue. 

In order to get an event room that provides a well-rounded accommodation for multiple guests’ personalities, it’s good to take a look at multiple factors, including, but definitely not limited to:

  • Post Quarantine Cultural Shifts
  • The Revival of Antiquarian Decor
  • Your Personal Aesthetic Balances
  • Furniture Contrasting

The absolute best venue backdrops take into account all of these factors and integrate them all into a winning combination. It isn’t too hard to strike a perfect visual chord with your designs and decorations, but planning ahead is what will prevent any and all mishaps. 

4 Best Tips to Set an Amazing Event Aesthetic

What Worked Even a Few Years Ago is No Longer Relevant

While it’s normal and necessary to expect that trends in venue decor change over time, with styles exiting and reentering in a constant state of flux, our reintroduction to in-person events is tethered to our collective inching away from “less is more.”

With the advent of online sales and deliveries, alongside an unprecedented amount of individualized solitude due to quarantine, it’s easy to see why having more going on in a room has quite literally been a life-saver for some. 

Having everything you need in a room at any given time has become an aesthetic in and of itself. For this reason, many are finding it easier to buy decorative items in sets, to ensure eclectic patterns don’t overwhelm any general theme. Extra storage space inside of furniture is especially useful in preventing decor overwhelm. 

For a perfect blend of having everything, you need and maintaining a strong aesthetic undertone, try large, decorative containers that allow guests to store items while avoiding clutter. 

Another General Decade Shift We’re Seeing is a Return to Styles with Character

The latter end of “The Teens”’ decade proved to be a return to a less upscale version of country-style DIY hodgepodge, with candles in mason jars tied with burlap thread bows lining the tables of many wedding and family events.

Some of the more humble-bragging events even boasted hay-bale seating and classic antique item displays, whereas now, clients are scrambling to find the best sectional sofas in more rustic, hardy themes.

Many foresee the style of the 20’s to be a mixture of this antiquated look and cultural refinement. We can expect a return of more heavyweight furniture alongside classic dishware and novelty items that peaked shortly after the Great Depression Era style “make due” aesthetics.

Because of this, it is a definite head start in venue perfection to get quality items, especially for larger furniture, like seating. This is the decade where humble-bragging is on its way out, and actual bragging is seeing a huge return. 

Consider What You Want to See – and Balance Things Out

While it isn’t exactly arbitrary what makes a venue “good,” personal taste plays a role in your decision-making process. Having confidence in yourself in order to achieve your desired results is the driving force in what makes your backdrop palatable.

Of course, you’ll want to achieve balance in what you decide to decorate with, so listing all of the things you’d like to use as materials, including linens, tabletop, seating, lighting, florals, etc., and then piecing them together either in your head or on paper will give you a picture early on of how your tastes mesh or clash. You could also use a Design Board platform like Milanote

Counterintuitive to Many, Letting Pieces and Sets Clash a Little Brings Balance

Especially when ordering in sets, one can find that a theme seems overdone at best, and forced at worst. A good backdrop has a theme and undertone, by nature, but it doesn’t necessarily have everything matching at once – a hallmark of refinement. 

If you have a larger venue, with plenty of indoor seating, as an aesthetic extension, try a modular sofa in an outdoor-friendly fabric to accommodate all of your guests. Because you have taste, look for websites with the best couches and selections in order to maximize appeal. 

Those are some of the 4 Best tips to set an amazing event aesthetic. For more tips on maximizing aesthetic appeal, visit our website dedicated to helping you achieve your perfect venue and event! Now it’s time to plan your special day with Table 6 Productions, a professional and experienced Colorado wedding planner


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