The Most Unique and Romantic Proposal Spots

There has been a rise in people searching for different and more unique ways to propose to their life partners. Proposals were always a big deal, and for good reason, but now people are seeking more adventurous ways to pop the big question and create a lifelong memory. 

We’ve seen proposals teetering on the edge of the Grand Canyon, in aeroplanes soaring through the sky, in stunning forests, in front of staggering vistas and iconic landmarks in cities all over the world; so how are you supposed to keep your proposal original, mind-blowing, unique and romantic all at the same time? 

Well, hopefully, this list of unique and adventurous locations will help you plan for the most magical proposal possible and will inspire you to change the game and give your most special person a moment that will last for eternity.

We are going to be taking a look at two different takes on the idea of an incredible proposal location starting with inspiration for the more outdoorsy and adventurous amongst you; we will then dive head first into the world of romance and some possible locations for the most romantic proposal possible. 

Alongside the destination, the other main player in your proposal will be the ring. It’s important to spend some time determining your partner’s ring preferences before you choose the final ring! Ensure you learn how to correctly determine your partner’s engagement ring size, to avoid the potential awkwardness of it not fitting properly!

Unique and Adventurous Proposal Ideas 

If you and your partner can’t get enough of the great outdoors, or have a love for a specific activity, then why not incorporate this shared passion into your ideal proposal? It will make the moment seem way more personal, and pretty much guarantees you’ll be talking about it for the rest of your lives. Take a look at these incredible activities in the great outdoors where you could pop the ultimate question. 

Mountainous Peaks

Now this may seem like a pretty broad idea but if you and your partner love to hike, mountain bike, trail run, climb, wander or explore the outdoors in any format you’ll be pretty familiar with high peaks. Mountain tops act as premade proposal locations and offer so much to those looking to create a stunning memory. An adventure on the way up, a life-changing moment accompanied by staggering 360° views of snow-capped peaks at the top, and a happiness and gravity-fueled route down; what could be better? 

Horse Trekking 

If your partner is horse-obsessed or simply loves to try new ways to adventure, then booking a multi-day horse trek will offer a surprisingly large amount of perfect proposal opportunities. Trek through the wilderness with your maned companions and admire incredible views, open wilderness and lush forest interspersed with gorgeous campsites, fires and star-filled skies that make up some of the best places to propose you could possibly ask for. There is arguably no better way to get in touch with the natural world and begin a lifelong journey.   

Safari Adventures

An African Safari is considered one of the ultimate holidays on its own, so when you throw a proposal into the mix it becomes hard to beat. Tick off the “big 5” as you make your way around a stunning landscape, learn about the fascinating life cycles in one of the most bio-diverse and incredible environments on earth and choose between all kinds of accommodation, from ultra-luxury villas to canvas tents. Imagine your proposal pictures including some of Mother Nature’s rarest and most fascinating creatures in the background; now that’s a memory worth having.  

Ski Holidays 

We’ve already talked about mountains and the magic they naturally hold; now it’s time to consider skiing. It’s one of the ultimate outdoor activity holidays, and essentially is a pre-packaged proposal waiting to happen. Think wood-clad cabins, roaring fires, cozy chalets, great restaurants, stunning views and of course, skiing. Choose the highest peak for the most impactful view, the quietest restaurant with the best food, or the most luxury chalet you can find as the perfect spot for the ultimate and super unique proposal. 

The Trip of a Lifetime 

If you see yourselves as travelers and wish to hit as many countries around the world as you can, then taking a long multi-destination trip could be the ultimate proposal. 

You’ll encounter plenty of wonderful opportunities to pop the question along the way so just be ready for the right moment to present itself. Make a long trip that’s probably pretty special already, the absolute trip of a lifetime by sealing the deal and making the ultimate commitment to your favorite person on earth. 

Ultimate Romance

Whilst adventure has its place for many, nothing can beat the thrill of romance for some. Let’s take a look at some of the most incredibly romantic places where you can ask the big question, you just have to take care of the flowers, string quartet and chocolates whilst we give you the perfect romantic location!

Paris, France 

Paris is known by everyone all over the world as the city of love, and is home to so many stunningly romantic locations it’s quite literally impossible to list them all. The Eiffel Tower is the obvious place to start, and choosing between the top of the tower or somewhere around the base is the difficult part. Other locations can offer just as much romance so make sure you check out your options and get lost together in your own romantic fairytale.

New York, USA 

New York City is another urban location that offers plenty of romance, but it presents itself in a different way than Paris. The romance can be found in staggering architecture, views from the top of the world, beneath the trees in Central Park, on the ice at the Rockefeller or in one of the city’s world-class restaurants. Romance is abundant in the city that never sleeps, so just explore, get enveloped by the city’s buzz and enjoy your time together.  

Cinque Terre, Italy

You may be thinking that you’ve never heard of this place before, but rest assured that you’ve seen it before. Colorful houses piled lovingly on top of a cliff that 

plunges into impossibly blue water, Cinque Terre features in almost every travel blog, and every travel programme and should be top of everyone’s list when exploring Italy. It’s one of the most picturesque places on the planet and home to some stunning food, wonderful people and gorgeous sunsets. If you were looking for the perfect European proposal destination, you may have just found it.   

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If you’re looking for the ultimate beach-based proposal then Bora Bora was essentially designed with this in mind. It’s another iconic picture we are all familiar with; the villas floating above the water connected by wooden piers, the azure waters, the blazing sunshine and the perfect white sand beaches. There is no greater romance than swimming from your private deck, taking a sunset stroll and getting down on one knee for your partner. 

To Conclude

So there you have it, some of the world’s very best proposal locations and some unique ways that you can create a special moment for the person you love most in this world. Celebrate the most magical moment of your lives with a stunning proposal for the ages in these world-beating locations, or enjoy your shared love for the outdoors and experience the ultimate romance in a breathtaking location. Whichever works for you will certainly create a moment that lasts forever in these awesome proposal spots.


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