Easing the Stress of Wedding Dress Shopping

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most exciting things about planning your wedding. But that doesn’t mean it’s not stressful too! Browsing wedding dresses can feel overwhelming, and there’s a lot to consider when making your decision.

So how can you take some of the stress out of wedding dress shopping? Take a look at some of our tips to make choosing your dream dress every bit as special as you’d hoped it would be.

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dreses

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Consider your must-haves in advance

While you might think you don’t have a clue what you want for your wedding dress, if you give it some careful thought, you can at least rule some things out, including the wedding dress styles you know you don’t like. However, many times our clients have said “I don’t like the mermaid style” and guess what they ended up buying…the mermaid. So keep an open mind. I also have a fun little game I play with my clients when I go dress shopping with them…they MUST let me pick out one dress, no matter what it looks like, and they HAVE to try it on. We did this in 2019, with our client, Olympic Swimmer, Missy Franklin, and that is the dress she picked. You could play this little game with your mom and bridesmaids, you never know what you will end up loving! 

Now is the time to think about your budget, whether you want a long or short dress, as well as the kind of support you need. Check out some wedding dress inspiration to help give you some ideas.

By creating a wishlist of what you want and things to avoid, you can have a clearer idea when you start making dress appointments.

Think carefully about who’s in the room with you

When choosing your wedding dress, it’s important to make sure you have people you trust in the room with you. Whether you choose to have a lot of people present, or just one or a couple of trusted people, you need to make sure that the people there will be honest and make you feel good when you’re trying on dresses. But you also don’t want to have that uber jealous bridesmaid that is going to disagree with everything you love and leave you in tears by the end. YES! This does happen. 

Some brides prefer to go dress shopping alone, which can help you avoid some of the stress of having lots of people present. Or just bring 1 or 2 VERY trusted people. 

Be prepared

Being prepared for dress shopping can make you feel much more at ease and comfortable when you’re in the store. Simple things like doing your hair and makeup, and taking different underwear options with you will help you feel more bridal as you try on the dresses. Get a bikini wax, a spray tan, a mani/pedi. Whatever is going to make you feel most sexy and beautiful. Many brides show up to there appointment with no make up and a messy bun. This does NOT help you when picking your dress. 

Of the different things you should take with you when wedding dress shopping, remember to take some heels too! Or a shoe similar in height to what you would like to wear on your wedding day. 

Consider buying your dress online

Another way to save some of the stress of wedding dress shopping is to buy your dress online. There are fantastic boutiques that can provide you with a virtual consultation and advice to help you find what you want. 

Buying a dress online is much simpler when you already have an idea of what you want. With the help of a great boutique, you can buy A-line wedding dress online, a strapless gown or any other type of wedding dress you’re looking for. This can save you a lot of time and stress and means you can enjoy wedding dress shopping from the comfort of your own home. If you are trying to save a few dollars, this option can be very helpful. 

While the process of buying a wedding dress can feel stressful, it will all disappear when you find the right one. Take your time and don’t rush into anything, and make sure you have as much fun as possible. You also want to make sure you give yourself PLENTY of lead time. After the 6 month mark, you are starting to get into rush fees, and potential issues. Don’t add more stress to yourself. However, if you are planning a wedding in less than 6 months, don’t fret. You can still find a beautiful dress in time, just prepared for additional fees or you could also consider buying off the rack. 

With your dress chosen, it’s now time to think about your bridesmaids – a whole other ball game. Read about ways you can make bridesmaids dress shopping less stressful to help you make it through your next important wedding task.

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