Addie & Kevin’s Sayulita Mexico Wedding


We LOVE Sayulita, Mexico weddings. If any of you haven’t heard of Sayulita, it is a hidden gem located about 45 minutes away from Puerta Vallarta. The weather is wonderful, there is hiking and plenty of activities, the rooms and food are so cheap, the town is cute – we could go on and on! We sent Addie and Kevin to a few venues all around Mexico and they chose to stay at Villa Amor and use Don Pedro’s for their venue.


Our favorite decor piece of this wedding is the ceremony piece. Two palm tree leaves attached to an arch is so simple, but it looked SO creative and beautiful (not to mention it is very cost effective)! Flora Amor always does an amazing job. Another stand out piece for us was Addie’s custom designed invite. We love Tommy Bahama, and we definitely were channeling our inner TB for this design!

We met Addie and Kevin on their wedding day, and they are SUCH sweethearts! We became friends with them and many of their guests, which made the weekend a blast for us. Enjoy these wonderful pictures by Ave Sol Photography!

Addie-Kevin-3-Ceremony-88-M_preview Addie-Kevin-4-Newlyweds-24-M_preview Addie-Kevin-1-Rehearsal-2-M_preview Addie-Kevin-3-Ceremony-30-M_preview Addie-Kevin-5-Reception-44-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-79-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-122-M_preview Addie-Kevin-4-Newlyweds-35-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-3-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-135-M_preview Addie-Kevin-5-Reception-15-M_preview Addie-Kevin-5-Reception-45-M_preview Addie-Kevin-3-Ceremony-32-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-143-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-23-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-99-M_preview Addie-Kevin-4-Newlyweds-30-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-6-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-76-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-66-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-109-M_preview Addie-Kevin-2-GettingReady-50-M_preview Addie-Kevin-3-Ceremony-76-M_preview

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