Wedding Videographer Dylan McSweeney

We love meeting new vendors that come into our Colorado market, and we have the pleasure of blogging about Dylan McSweeney, a new wedding videographer.  We had him write a little bit about himself and then answer a few questions for us below.  Check out his work on Vimeo by clicking here.  Enjoy!

My name is Dylan McSweeney, a 27-year-old Indianapolis native who just relocated to Denver. I spent four years at Indiana University studying telecommunications and business, and developed a real passion for capturing special moments behind a camera lens. After graduating, I spent a couple years working with my father on a local startup business in Indianapolis. It was during that time I slowly started filming weddings almost entirely through a word-of-mouth network. I worked with alot of talented people in Indiana who really helped me gain the confidence I needed to take my business out to Colorado and follow my dreams. I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunities that await me in this gorgeous new state I get to call home!

What is your favorite part of the wedding to shoot?
My favorite part to shoot would definitely have to be the moments with the bride and groom right before they see each other for the first time (either a first look or at the altar). The whirlwind of emotions always provides for wonderfully authentic footage.
Do you use a drone?
I recently invested in a state-of-the-art drone that I am beyond excited to offer as an option to future clients. I grew up flying RC helicopters in my teens, so thankfully I was able to learn how to pilot my new drone with ease!
Do you have a favorite moment you have caught on video? If so, explain.
My favorite moment caught on video was the surprise appearance of a bride’s brother who was deployed overseas. Only one person in the family knew he was going to be able to make it, so the surprise factor was beyond what I could have expected. It was amazing to be in the middle of that family during a moment of such overwhelming happiness!
Do you have different styles you shoot in based on what the client asks for? How do they differ?
The highlight videos I put together for my clients have always followed the same chronological structure. However, I have happily worked with clients in the past to accomplish specific visions they had for their video like bringing in audio from toasts or certain camera movements.  I am always welcoming of the creative input my clients can offer me in making their perfect video come to life!