Wedding Favors by MadeClose

It’s your special day, the day you’ve been planning all your life, the one
you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl (or boy!). Yes, it’s
your wedding, and these may be clichés, but aren’t clichés based in truth?

In other words, weddings are a big deal–which is probably the biggest
understatement of all time. But they’re not just a big deal for the bride
and groom. Friends and family come together to celebrate newlyweds,
offering up their time, effort, and love in order to take part in that
special day. (This is especially true when guests travel great distances to
be in attendance.)

Guests deserve a thank you token–something to make them comfortable, as
well as to show appreciation. Our recommendation? A thoughtful gift bag
filled with both essentials and fun and unique products.

When coordinating every last detail, wedding favors are often overlooked.
Too many people throw a bottle of water, single-serving of Advil, and a
pack of pretzels or gummy bears into a paper bag and call it a day. The
thought is there, but often the effort is not. Of course, this is because
the bride, groom, wedding planner, father, mother, aunts, uncles, friends,
and more are all focused on the main event. This is where our new favorite
company, MadeClose, can help.

MadeClose specializes in small-batch and responsibly made products,
treats, and regional gifts that we absolutely love. They view favors as
an extension of you and your event, and work on enhancing and complementing
the themes that define your big day. For large orders, their curation team
will work with you to source a range of products, eventually pairing the
selection down to create the perfect gift bag. Of course, if you’re looking
for smaller quantities, we invite you to check out MadeClose.com to find
the perfect gift to say “thank you.”




                                      WINE CANTEEN                                                   CARRY-ON COCKTAIL KIT
                         ALL NATURAL BEAUTY SET                                            MEN’S SKINCARE SET
              DRIFTWOOD DOCKING STATION                             HANDCRAFTED DUFFEL BAG     
                             ORGANIC TEA SET                                                          BLACKBERRY MOjITO JAM
                         ORGANIC BATH SALTS                                                  HANDMADE MACARONS