Vendor of the Week: Indigo Sky

We are so happy to bring you this week’s vendor of the week, Indigo Sky. The owners, Gary and Kevin design and install custom decor, fabric drape and lighting. They are based in Colorado and we LOVE working with them. They are one of our favorite “dream team” vendors and our events with them always exceed our expectations. Their work is phenomenal not to mention they are amazing people to work with. They are always so warm and friendly and are really quick on their feet if anything happens. One of the best parts about Gary and Kevin at Indigo Sky, is they can create anything imaginable! You see a picture you like in a magazine or dream up this beautiful reception decor piece, they can do it!  With them, our imagination can run wild, which is why they had a big part in making our Table 6 turns 6 party in Colorado a reality. From the bars to the stage that rose the violinist when he started playing, Gary and Kevin really went all out for this one.

Our Party

Some other fabulous work of theirs