Vendor Booking Timeline

Planning your own wedding can be stressful and overwhelming!  We teamed up with Wedding Wire to provide a timeline and tips to help any couples not knowing where to start with the planning process.

Step 1: 12 months+

The first step in planning is choosing your location and venue.  Wedding Wire has a fantastic venues page that gives you venue options for any location!

Step 2: 10 months

The next step is choosing your photographer, caterer, videographer, and florist.  Be sure you do your research to make certain you get exactly what you are looking for, for the best price.

Step 3: 9 months

When it comes to booking either a DJ or a band, a DJ is usually cheaper, so take a look at your budget and decide which option is best for you!

Step 4: 8 months

There are many options for how to get your stationary.  We have made a couple blog posts in the past for stationary companies, such a Lynn + Lou.  As for choosing your wedding dress, make sure you give the boutique at least six months to make alterations and get the dress in for fittings.

Step 5: 7 months

When choosing a dessert for your wedding, you might want to opt for a dessert table instead of the traditional cake.  Cupcakes, candy, macarons, donuts, and ice cream are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to options.  This is a great place to use your creativity and come up with something fun.  As for using a travel consultant for your honeymoon, we highly recommend this.  We’ve heard too many stories about mix ups with the honeymoon when couples didn’t use a travel consultant.  It’s worth the investment!

Step 6: 6 months

Makeup and hair are sometimes one of the most important aspects to a bride.  You MUST take the time to receive a trial for each makeup and hair, otherwise you won’t know exactly what you’re getting and how it looks on you.  Make sure to consider if you want your bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done with you when booking your stylists.

Step 7: 5 months

Transportation is often an aspect not thought of with weddings, but it is an extremely important part.  Take into account how far you need to travel between where you are getting ready, where the ceremony is taking place, and where the reception is taking place.  Also take into account how many people you will need to be transporting.  This will help determine if you need a private car, a shuttle, or multiple shuttles.

Step 8: 3 months

We love bridesmaid and groomsmen favors!  If you are in need of inspiration check out our past blog posts on gift ideas, because we have plenty.