Vanessa Williams: A Wedding Celebration for a Queen

When Vanessa Williams wed her partner on the 4th of July last year, it wasn’t the extravagant ‘Carmen Marc Volvo’ Wedding gown, the exotic belly dancers or the Rolls Royce that guests were talking about, but rather the 14k gold plated wedding Invitations that were custom designed by UK Wedding Invitation Company, Adorn Invitations.

The studio was drafted by Vanessa to create a design that embodied their unique love story and history. Delving deep into the couples past – head creative director of Adorn sat down with us to talk about how they brought Vanessa and Jim’s love story to life on paper. Keep reading to find out some own tips for ____ your own invitation.

Dreaming the design
Our design team sat down with Vanessa over several sessions in our studio amongst the buzzing London traffic to really get to know her and her partner as well as their unique relationship. During this process, we found out that Vanessa and her husband Jim first locked eyes with each other whilst cruising down the Nile in Egypt. Fittingly, she of course chose a lavish Egyptian styled wedding which could not have been more exciting for our design team!

The Inspiration process took just over 2 months, with all designers at Adorn working together to create a fantasy invitation that would mirror the ceremony in its opulence as well perfectly embody the couple.

Compiling numerous mood boards – the team took inspiration from images, Egyptian history and details of the wedding and after many nights fuelled by caffeine – the design was finally ready to be put into production.

Crafting the design
The first step in creating the invitation was mixing up the colour. Once we knew that

A gorgeous shade of Marsala was chosen as the primary colour for the invitation and accessory suit simply because it just exuded romance and passion. The exotic shade fit in perfectly with the

and this was created by combining several inks until the perfect shade was achieved giving a vibrant and very authentic feel. Combined with matte shimmer gold from Adorns curious shimmer collection; there was an uncanny resemblance to the golden sandy Egyptian plains where the couple first laid eyes on each other.

Next came the delicate process of laser cutting the cage detailing onto the outside of the invitation.
With a very romantic eye for detail, the team at Adorn couldn’t help but incorporate the detailing on Vanessa’s gown onto the invitations so they mirrored the lace detailing on her dress and laser cut this onto the invitation.

With the traditional method of pen to paper – the designers sketched up a small section of the pattern and once this was done, they scanned the image onto their computer software which then duplicated the detail to provide a mirrored effect.

The Romance of the Design
Of course, the most extravagant and romantic detail featured on the design is the lotus flower emblem that delicately sits on the outside of the invitation. Symbolising new love and luck – the flower holds a special place in Vanessa and Jims blossoming relationship and once the team found out that this flower was even engraved on their wedding bands, they couldn’t resist integrating it into the design.

Cutting the design out of 14k gold, Adorn’s adoration for all things exceptional and luxurious are truly exhibited through this touch of glamour.

Vanessa was absolutely ecstatic with the final design and the guest reception was overwhelming. The wedding invitation design will be put into production later this year and can be viewed at