Trend Alert – Upscale Cannabis Weddings

Cannabis, commonly known as “weed,” is making its way into the wedding industry and in no small way. Upscale and opulent weddings are incorporating cannabis in their floral décor, food, and cocktails. Destination weddings in Colorado, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts and Maine are becoming increasingly popular due to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in those states.

As part of floral trends incorporating cannabis, brides are toting “bud-bouquets” including marijuana leaves, instead of typical floral bouquets. They also include marijuana leaves in their table centerpieces and the groom’s and groomsmen’s corsages. It can be difficult finding vendors that cater to couples wanting a cannabis wedding, but there are a few companies that specialize in cannabis arrangements, including Plum Sage Flowers and Buds and Blossoms. As this trend grows, there will surely be an increase in vendors that offer this as an option.


An open weed bar, also known as a “cannabar,” is probably the most popular way to incorporate marijuana into a wedding. There is a bar with a “budtender” that serves guests marijuana of their choice. The couple decides in advance what options and types of weed they want available, and the budtender not only serves the guests, but is there to provide advice on which would be most to their liking. Top Shelf Budtending has perfected the “mobile budtending” concept and serves many occasions including weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties.


Cannabis food and drinks are a very prominent way to integrate cannabis into a wedding. Typical cannabis weddings have a signature drink that is available as a treat before the wedding or during cocktail hour. Instead, some may feature a signature blunt as a treat before the wedding. While a champagne toast is a trademark celebration occurrence for the happily married couple, cannabis-loving couples have been making the jump to a celebratory blunt. This will be followed by dinner, which may also include cannabis items on the menu.

Assessing the guest list is an imperative aspect of planning a cannabis wedding. Certain guests may feel uncomfortable by the introduction of cannabis, so the bride and groom will have to decide how conspicuous they want the marijuana aspect to be. If the bride and groom want to be more obscure, there are several options. While the bridal party is preparing for the event, adding an edible such as weed granola bars to the refreshments table will give everyone the opportunity to get high in privacy while forgoing the smell of smoke. Another option would be to wait until the after party to make edibles and blunts available. The change of scenery and location will allow guests preferring to pass on cannabis consumption not to feel alienated by the festivities. If the after-party is expected to run late, providing snacks is a must; ensure non-cannabis options are available to satisfy the “munchies”.

Cannabis-friendly venues, limo and shuttle services, and lodging are only now emerging and growing in popularity. Table 6 Productions is happy to find and collaborate with the best vendors Colorado and other weed-friendly states have to offer to meet the needs of couples wishing to celebrate their nuptials with a cannabis themed wedding.