Table Talk – What are your top three favorite welcome bag items?

My 3 favorite things for our Colorado Welcome Bags are:

ResQ Water:
I LOVE this stuff! It is so great for altitude sickness, hang overs, fatigue, jet lag…you name it!

Mini Bar in a Jar:
Instead of your guests having to dip into the hotel mini bar, provide them with a few mini liquors to get them started! They will LOVE you for it.

Truffles - Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory:
I love including local favorites from Colorado (we have some many great local products here) One of my favorites are truffles from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Guests love coming home late night and having a sweet treat to eat!
We love using local favorites that pertain to the destination of the wedding. Some of our favorite items for a Florida wedding include the obvious: sunscreen, bug repellant and flavored water. But we think our guests really enjoy items such as beer from a local brewery, a custom cocktail, a custom macaroons from a local bakery, and fresh fruit from a local fruit stand.
I love wedding welcome bags! A few of my favorite "go to" items are:
(1) a treat that is local to the area
(2) hair ties
(3) mini hangover kits!
1. Hangover Kit
2. Mini Prosecco Bottles
3. Travel Candles
1. I definitely have a sweet tooth so I love incorporating something sweet of the guests to enjoy. I love to get creative and do custom candy that ties into the wedding location. I love doing the red lobster gummies for my New England weddings.

2. I love custom wedding maps inside the welcome bags with the location of all the weekend events.

3. I am obsessed the the new Processo gummies! They are adorable and the perfect addition to any welcome bag.
My favorite things to include in wedding welcome bags for guests are local treats - for my Georgia girls I particularly love paperback copies of Gone With the Wind, individually wrapped peach pie tarts and glass bottles of Coca-Cola. Did you know that you can customize the wrappers to label your guest's names? How cute is that?!
Living in the mountains at a high altitude, I always encourage my couples and their guests to drink lots of water! I always encourage them to put water bottles in the gift bags but with an added kick of adding pedialyte powder packets. One of my longtime friends who worked in the liquor industry suggested it as a great cure for overindulgence and I have used it ever since. I also encourage my couples to incorporate a “local” aspect of where the wedding is. I love utilizing 10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirits and give the guests a small bottle of locally distilled spirits. They have a great selection of Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka and Cordials. My final item that I love is a warm wrap or blanket. Even in the summer, it tends to be chilly in the evenings so a pashmina or cozy blanket really ties a gift bag together for a fantastic weekend in the Mountains.
1. For summer outdoor weddings I love including sunscreen because most guests forget to bring it!

2. Adding a sweet treat that is local to the area is always a fun component of welcome bags. Chocolate covered pretzels or any treat from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is my go-to.

3. I like to add a monogrammed item that the guests will keep. We have done monogrammed water bottles before which turned out great and kept the guests hydrated at the same time!