Table Talk: Valentine’s Day

“Favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

Heather Headshot
“Well, to be honest, Valentine’s Day is probably one of my least favorite holidays, so I kind of just want it to come and go. But, in the spirit of celebration, I will participate by either cooking an amazing dinner, or going to a fabulous restaurant with a great champagne list! Other than that, no red roses please, and definitely no chocolates if I am your Valentine. I would rather have a love letter or fabulous card! Amazing piece of lingerie also appreciated!”

Headshot Nicole
“I love to have a quite date night with my husband at our favorite restaurant in Denver. I always get him an oversized V-day card and a little something to know that I am appreciative for everything he does and to show him how much I love him.”

“My husband and I usually decide to forego all the crowds in restaurants on Valentine’s Day and stay in and cook together. We aren’t big on presents so I usually bake some of his favorite desserts for him and he knows just how much I love chocolate covered strawberries!”

Sleeper“My favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day is a night out on the town. I love to get dressed up for my man! I always try and wear either a pink or a red dress just to be festive. Some of our favorite date night spots for Valentines day in Boston are Mistral, Oishii and Prezza.”

Headshot Jackie
“This sounds sad, but I rarely celebrate Valentine’s Day. My husband is a catastrophic insurance adjuster and is usually out of town during this time of year. I do get great presents though :)”

Headshot Stephenson
“I know it’s stereotypical for Wedding Planners to be total romantics but I totally am!!! I love surprises, candlelight, wine, poetry, roses, wine and a cute man with good wine… So for Valentines day I’m thinking of checking out either Kyma in Buckhead, or, dinner next door to a dance club like Vanquish or Opera in Midtown Atlanta. Maybe I’ll have some chocolate too, it pairs well with wine.”