Table Talk – If you weren’t a Wedding Planner, what would you be?

Us Table 6 Chicks all love our wonderful Wedding Planning careers, but most of us have had previous careers and have other talents!  To get to know each of us better, read our responses below about what we would be if we weren’t a Wedding Planner!

I would be an entertainment reporter on E! I love watching everything on their channel!
I would be a professional organizer! Nothing makes me happier than matching hangers, decorative storage containers and labels!
I would be an interior designer. I have moved a lot and definitely love designing each space differently.
If I wasn't a Wedding Planner then I would be a residential architect. I dream floor plans. I've been sketching them since I was a child. While other 3rd graders were drawing rainbows and butterflies I was doodling realistic, proper floor plans. But I prefer Wedding Planning because I still get to design, but it moves at a much faster pace and gives me the opportunity to have more fun with the creative process.
I would be a Creative Director for a magazine! I love magazine editorials, layout designs, and visuals! Below is a picture of an editorial I styled that got published. It was shot by an amazing photographer Allie Brown.