Table Talk: How to Use Pumpkins in Decor


“What is your favorite way to incorporate pumpkins in decor?”


Heather Headshot

“When using pumpkins in Fall Decor, you really need to get creative with these varying shaped orange guys! In fact, they don’t have to be orange at all! You can paint them with a fun pattern, spray them with glitter, decoupage them with fall leaves, or even dig out their insides and use them as a vessel, such as a way to hold festive drinks, flowers, or candles. Or for a modern party, give them a metallic chevron pattern! You can even use a perfectly shaped round pumpkin as a mold for a floral pomander. Just find a sturdy fall flower and either glue them to the pumpkin or use floral pics. You could even turn your pumpkin upside down, and use it for food display…such as to hold cake pops or anything on a skewer will easily stick into the pumpkins skin. In addition, you can top off your fabulous pumpkin decor with the smell of fall! Just throw a couple of Apple Cinnamon or Pumpkin Spice plug ins into the wall and fill your room with the festive smell of fall! Yum!”






“I love the bowls and soup terrine in the shape of a pumpkin from Pottery Barn.  It adds such a warm, fall, festive look to your table.”





Headshot Lauryn


“I’m not a big orange pumpkin kind of girl, but I love taking pumpkins and transforming them into something beautiful. I’m inspired by the below photo and would love to paint some pumpkins pure white (or even black) and use glitter to give them a more glam look. I would then set them on a bed of spanish moss with various sized candles to create ambiance.”


Headshot Stephenson


“I love the subtly of a single letter monogram etched into assorted size pumpkins, it’s the perfect way to personalize the design and to make each diner feel special when they see their letter sitting in the centerpiece. I think this centerpiece would be perfect for a wedding, party, or your personal family thanksgiving dinner.”







“I love using pumpkins as a vase in the center of my table. Sometimes it is easiest to use a fake pumping for this! White pumpkins are perfect, or you can get creative and paint the pumpkin!”





Headshot Jackie


“I love using mini pumpkins as soup bowls. While any seasonal soup makes a great option, my personal favorite is squash soup!”