Table Talk – Do you go shopping on Black Friday?

Happy Black Friday!  Check out how the Table 6 Chicks are spending their Black Friday!

I have a 9 year old... of course I battle the insane crowds! I'm the crazy lady in line for the doorbusters- lol! My two major pit stops are always Toys R Us and Target, but I somehow always end up at the mall!
YES I love Black Friday shopping ~ but there are some years I stay away from the chaos! Target is my favorite "go to store" to for black Friday shopping!
I love Black Friday but I do EVERYTHING online. Not only on this day but in general, I always prefer online shopping. So, the day after Thanksgiving, my mom and I always sit in our PJ’s eating leftovers doing all of our Christmas shopping at home!
I love a good bargain so I do go Black Friday shopping but usually for myself! This year I'm looking for black mid-calf booties with a tiny platform - they seem to be impossible to find but at least I know I'll score a serious deal when I finally track some down Friday.
I stay away from Black Friday to steer clear of the chaos! My favorite thing to do the day after Thanksgiving is to wake up and go for a nice long ski run (or several) to start burning off the Thanksgiving meal from the day before. Skiing Beaver Creek always as a way of making me relax and enjoy the beauty of the mountains that I live in.
I usually stay away from the chaos! Every year my mom and I spend the day after Thanksgiving setting up our Christmas decorations all over the house, while listening to Christmas music!