Table Talk – What is your favorite self-indulgent TV show?

It’s finally getting chilly out, which means it’s time for cuddling up by the fire and watching Netflix!  Don’t forget to find a cuddle buddy for “cuffing season”!  Below, the Table 6 Chicks tell you what TV shows they’ll be binge watching this winter!

My favorite self indulgent show is definitely WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends of Professional Athletes on E!) I have planned several sports celebrities weddings and it is interesting to get a look into their lives in the spotlight and all of the drama that comes with dating/marrying a professional athlete. Plus, the women on the show are over the top gorgeous and fashionable!
Shark Tank is one of my favorite TV shows. I love nothing more than a striving entrepreneur who is willing to sacrifice everything to have the opportunity to showcase their invention. Being a business owner is not easy and has multiple challenges, but the reward is oh so worth it in the end!
I love the Golden Girls! I watch 3-4 episodes a night as I go to sleep :) I remember watching it with my great grandparents as a child. I've honestly watched it close to my entire life!
My new favorite show this year is “This Is Us,” on NBC. It’s incredible! Every episode brings me to tears (good tears). Of course you can’t forget my all-time favorites, Friends and Sex & the City! #classics
I am totally a TV girl, not into movies! My all time favorite TV show would have to be Friday Night Lights because I had a serious crush on Tim Riggins!
Other than the usual sports center and food network, my favorite self-indulgent TV show is The Big Bang Theory. I love that each character has their own quirks and that the writers of the show aren't afraid to tackle off the wall subjects. I also think that at some point everyone can find a correlation between the characters and their social group.
I LOVE Gossip Girl. I watched it for the first time a few years ago, but since then I've watched it every year. I love the fashion, I love that it's in NYC, and I love the characters!