Table Talk – What is your favorite holiday tradition?

The holidays are almost here!  Check out our favorite traditions, and share yours with us on Instagram! @table6productions

One tradition that we love as a family is doing High Tea at the Brown Palace with Santa. It is such a beautiful, historic hotel and my kids love to dress up, drink tea, eat delicious petit fours, take pictures with Santa, listen to the holiday piano music play, and take in the beautiful decorations.
The tradition that I look forward to the most is my annual party - it's the Bing Crosby Classical Christmas Cocktail Party and it gets bigger and better every year. You can expect good people, Triple Dog Dares, mistletoe, tons of food and crystal glasses flowing with loads of champagne, giant red poinsettias everywhere and each year we add something new and crazy. Last year we sang Christmas carols while high on helium, the year before that it was a wrapping paper snowball fight and this year we made up CHAMPONG! It's Beer pong with champagne and it's going to be absolutely ridiculous - I can't wait!
My favorite holiday tradition goes back to when my sisters and I were growing up in Orlando. On the day before Christmas, our whole family would go to one of the Theme Parks (usually the Magic Kingdom at Disney) and we would spend the day riding rides, eating and taking silly photos all day. When we would get home we would be exhausted and go straight to bed! Since we were so tired we “sleep in” until about 8am before going to wake our parents up and open presents. After presents were opened, my mom would make ricotta doughnuts and we would saddle the horses and go on a morning ride as a family.
To date, every other year, the family gets together to do a family Christmas the night before Christmas so that all of the nieces, nephews and kids can be home to put cookies out for Santa.
My favorite holiday tradition is decorating cut-out Christmas cookies every year with my mom! We always make such fun cookie shapes like candy canes, Santa, Christmas trees, and more!