Table Talk – What Are Your Favorite Fall 2016 Fashion and Wedding Trends?

Back by popular demand, we will be doing our “Table Talk” posts again on our social media. Everything from fashion trends to favorite holiday recipes to new and innovative wedding industry ideas. The Table 6 girls will share all of our faves to our readers.

My favorite fall trend for 2016 in Fashion is FUR! Fur vests, long asymmetrical sweaters with fur trim, or even accessories like gloves and boot socks lined in fur. There are some great ombre’ fur pieces that fade monochromatically that are fabulous, and some pieces that actually look like they were dipped in dye. Layering fur over simpler pieces like suede, denim or a simple black dress definitely adds some fun for Fall!

My favorite fall trend for 2016 in weddings is height (literally)! Working with the space between the table and the ceiling of your venue or tent is really important. When designing your tablescapes, you should think about building up. Whether you bring the outdoors in and use lush greenery to adorn chandeliers or lighting fixtures, or you go for tall glimmering candlesticks, always think about the “air” above your guests. You will truly WOW them when they walk into the room.
My favorite fall 2016 Fashion trend would be suede knee-high boots!

This luscious color palette with shades of burgundy and peach, accompanied by greenery, is my favorite fall 2016 wedding trend.

My favorite fall 2016 Fashion trend is velvet everything, especially in deep blues and greens.

My favorite fall 2016 wedding trend is fall inspired craft cocktails.

I would say my favorite fall 2016 Fashion trend has got to be the clear Lucite heels that I'm starting to see pop up all over the red carpet and in celebrity fashion. I love the way they easily coordinate with any outfit and make your legs look longer. My favorites were spotted on Kim Kardashian as she sported her man's line of Yeezys.

The 2016 fall wedding trends shown in New York Bridal Fashion week are blowing my mind! Hayley Paige is a rising star in wedding fashion and her new celestial line of bridal fashion for JLM Couture is out of this world! I'm definitely loving this ethereal blue gown sewn with rhinestone stars and enough shimmer to light up your groomie's eyes.

My favorite fall 2016 Fashion trend is not necessarily this year’s trend, but most years’ trend. I LOVE fall scarves and boots. I love nothing more than a colorful scarf that can make a plain outfit pop. Furthermore, who doesn’t love to pull out their boots in the cool and crisp weather that fall brings.

My favorite fall wedding trend is the berry and jewel tone colors that our brides are using. I LOVE the color contrast between the crisp clean white of the wedding dress with the rich berry and burgundy floral and décor. Add in the beauty of mixed metallics; rose gold, gold and silver, and the beauty of the crisp Colorado outdoors and you have a background that is second to none!
My favorite fall 2016 Fashion trend is puffer coats! You can stay warm and be stylish in these oversized puffer coats done up in velvet and lined with fur.

Food trucks would have to be my favorite fall 2016 wedding trend! They are great for adding a non-traditional element to the wedding. I love the idea of having them pull up for the midnight snack or using them as one of the food stations for dinner. The idea is gaining a lot of popularity and many brides want to incorporate them!