Table Talk: Beauty Products We LOVE

“What is the one beauty product you cannot live without?”


“I cannot live without my CND Solar Nail Oil.  My cuticles are always so dry and they peel a lot in the moisture-rich climate. I apply it nightly.”

CND solar nail oil


Heather Headshot

” My one beauty product is Kiehl’s Deodorant! It is SOOOO amazing. I am “very” into smells, and smelling pretty at all times, so in the dead of the summer when you are running around for 12 hours at a wedding, you can tend to get a little self conscious around all of the fresh and fabulous wedding guests! A wedding planner should not smell like she just played a round of rugby, but lets face it, it’s an active job setting up, fluffing gowns, and running around! Kiehl’s deodorant is absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever discovered. Yes! You have to buy it from Nordstrom (or Kiehl’s)…and Yes! Your deodorant will now be $20. But trust me, it is SO worth it! In fact, I love everything about the Kiehl’s line that I use their moisturizer, eye cream, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Here’s a pic to prove it.”




Headshot Sleeper

“The one beauty product I cannot live without is my YSL mascara. Luscious lashes always make a girl look fabulous!”

YSL mascara





“The beauty product I cannot live without is my eos lip balm. I am not big on lipstick and I hate sticky lip glosses so eos lip balm is perfect, and it lasts forever!”

eos lip balm