Eco-Friendly Centerpieces- Succulents

We love unique decor, especially if it is something that is as new and cool as this. Succulents are becoming a big trend in weddings because of their modern chic appearance and ecofriendly advantages.  Succulents bring something brilliant to the table because of their interesting shapes and sizes as well as their color hues. From vintage to modern, rustic to chic, succulents can fit into any theme perfectly. Used either in lieu of or in combination with flowers, they are dramatic, unique and bring such a great look to whatever they are on. Bouquets and boutonnieres, to guest tables and favors, succulents are making their way into every part of a wedding. They are perfect non-floral alternative and are great for the DIY bride or intimate affair bride because they are easy to work with in making centerpieces and they can be grown before the wedding and used throughout the day to bring a little bit of home to your wedding. What is also great about theses is they can be used as double duty. Use them as centerpieces and then have your guests take them home as favors. We have also seen them used as favors in little pots but arranged on a table makes a marvelous decor piece. Chic-looking and sustainable, they are amazing! Check out some ideas.

Photo Credits: Pretty Chicky,  Our Little Haus, Sd Wedding Insider, Let Them Eat Cake At Your Wedding, Dlsh Design, Elizabeth Anne Designs