Rumbling Tumbler Praise

I’m sure we have all experienced the disappointing moment when you took a sip of your water during a hot summer day, and it was luke warm instead of the anticipated ice cold.  When you are under the sun all day, the best cure is a sip of refreshing ice cold water.  This leads me to one of the best personalized gifts we have received, the Rumbling Tumbler.  Groovy Groomsmen Gifts created a 30 oz, double wall insulated water bottle that will keep the “frost in your cocktail” during those long outdoor summer activities.  Heather has already used her Rumbling Tumbler at her kids’ sports games, a summer barbecue, and even at a fully outdoor wedding.  She loves it!  The best part is that she doesn’t get it confused with any Yeti water bottles, because it is personalized with her name.  Never again will you say it is difficult to shop for a man, because Groovy Groomsmen Gifts has it down to a science.

We have worked with Groovy Groomsmen Gifts in the past to create fantastic personalized groomsmen gifts for several of our clients.  Chris, the founder, began his company because he saw the lack of creative and useful gifts at weddings.  They have a fantastic team that we absolutely love working with, and they are constantly adding sensational groomsmen gifts that embody a balance of tradition, creativity, and functionality.  It is totally worth the time to check out their website!

Enjoy the pictures below of Heather and her new tumbler. I wonder what’s inside? Water or Wine? Whatever it is, it is guaranteed to stay ice cold!