New Martini Smart Cube Tech Invention

asset-3Technology has grown exponentially this past decade! It seems that almost nothing is impossible or out of reach.  Our lives continue to become more effortless and convenient thanks to numerous developments, one of which is making its debut this fall, 2016.  The Martini Smart Cube is a brilliant brainchild of the Martini brand, with the potential to simplify the job of bartenders and servers and take the guest experience at a wedding to a whole new level.

Event industry professionals are always looking for innovative ways to ensure a smoother event.  The Martini Smart Cube has liquid sensors that send a signal via Bluetooth to an iPad behind the bar when a glass is empty. It can also track consumption of alcohol.  (Yikes, maybe we don’t want to know that one!) The information provided by this complex cube can help decrease bar lines, make sure no guest is without a full cocktail, and decrease the amount of empty glasses everywhere just waiting to get broken on the dance floor. Below is a link to a video so you can see it in action yourself!