Mix & Match Your Maids – Bridesmaid Dresses

Sometimes one size (or style) does not fit all! We are seeing more brides opting for mix and match bridesmaid dresses for their wedding day. More times than not you are dealing with different body types, skin tones and personal style. Here are some secrets to pull off this fabulous look.

Number 1: Same Color, Different Styles – have your girls pick the style that best fits their body type

Number 2: Pick a Color Palette (neutrals or pastels are best) – have your girls pick the color in your chosen palette that best compliments their skin tone

Number 3: Have Your Maid of Honor Standout – pick a different pattern, color or style that makes your MOH unique but still compliments the other girls’ dresses

Number 4: Shoes – One Color, Different Styles – have fun with peep toes, ankle straps and heel heights