Making First Impressions

The save the date and the invitations are the first impression your guests will get when it comes to your wedding. They both convey (somewhat) what to expect…and what is in store! They usually clue guests in on the tone and mood of the night, how they are supposed to dress (think black tie), and the theme for the occasion, as well as the formality of the event. We see lots of guests even dress in the “colors” conveyed on the invite in order to “fit in” with the ambiance. Their are thousands of styles to choose from, but one in particular we have seen recently, and fallen in LOVE with are the fun, creative and unique versions that reflect the couples personality. One of out recent brides is doing a Mad Lib themed invite and it is one of the most entertaining invites we have seen (designed by the talented Tasha Rae Designs) With an amusing theme like this, the guests will have a blast receiving the invitation and they will know that the whole night will make them smile. Once the guest sends the RSVP back, the bride will post them at the event on a special board for all of the guests to read the fun and creative things that people wrote. If this doesn’t prove that there are no rules anymore, when it comes to weddings, I don’t know what does! Enjoy!

Tasha Rae Designs

The Fabulous Etsy designers we found several of these pictures

The Original Pear,   Swoon Creative Papier LapinVo Handmade Up UpDear EmmaOrchard and Brown,   Lille Barn Too Beth Bline Bury,

Other  Photo Credits: Bridezilla, Weddingistas,   Event Jubilee, Weddingplanner NC, Retroist