Hydrate IV Bar

Living in a city that’s 5280 miles above sea level leaves a lot of room for altitude sickness, especially for wedding guests.  We have found a fabulous fix for those experiencing altitude sickness, or for anyone looking to prevent it before a trip into the Rocky Mountains.  Hydrate IV Bar, located in Bonnie Brae, has treated us to personalized IV treatments, and we LOVE them.

They offer a multitude of treatments including anti-aging and beauty, health and wellness, cold and flu, jet-lag and fatigue, athletic performance, and over indulgence.  Each treatments also assists with altitude sickness, immune support, low energy, headache, nausea, and menstrual pain.  We hear so many stories about guests that turned around, not able to make it to the wedding because of a cold/flu, altitude sickness, or both.  Before your guests turn around, recommend Hydrate IV Bar to them.  After a relaxing 30-45 minute session, you walk out feeling like a million bucks!

If you want to take your IV use to the next level, they book private parties for a small group of people.  They will also travel to your party location.  What a great way to recover from wedding night champagne and cake! You can contact them by going to their website or calling them at (303) 209-0989.