Florist Series: A Guide for Brides on Floral Trends Cameron Keating

This week, we are featuring Cameron Keating of Florida as our guest blogger in our continuing Florist Series. Cameron was born and raised in North Pam Beach FL.   He had a talent for design and took it to The Breakers Hotel in 1997. Employed by the hotel for 17 years, 14 of those years as an event designer. Cameron has created thousands of events for the nations elite and his work has been featured in Weddings Style and Inside Weddings Magazine to name a few. His most recent endeavor has been to open his own Event Design firm based out of West Palm Beach. We asked Cameron to give us a guide for our brides on floral trends this year:

Opposites attract: sun and moon, winter and fall, yin and yang, land and sea and of course male and female. I’m finding this to be true in modern event design as well. A romantic story of a man pursuing a women. He falls in love and decides to ask her hand in marriage. Yet he finds her traditions and back ground are different from his own. The two families get together and find ways to make their difference’s work all the name of love. In a multi-racial wedding there often is give and take with in both families celebrating each others difference’s. It is my responsibility as an event designer to help my clients take their differences an marry them together through the use of visual cues via decor and floral arrangements. In all my years of designing events many times I have been asked to take an Indian Ceremony which is traditionally full of color and marry it with an American Ceremony which is classically all white.

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The idea of opposite attraction can also be used with clients that are planing a celebration such as birthday or bridal shower. The client may have a classic sense of style but would like something festive and fun for a bridal shower. Its a celebration. Make it fun. I use lovely classic flowers like roses and peony but arrange them in a current modern way. Utilizing a trio of low vases wrapped with rhinestone ribbon, each vase has its own petite floral work of art accented and joined with pink wire and pearls.


P0061_DT Peony_closeup