Dos and Don’ts on Announcing Your Engagement On Social Media


Congratulations! You’ve built a relationship filled with such love and hope that you can’t help but move forward together in life. Now that’s decided, how should you go about sharing the news?


DO enjoy the moment.


Fight the social-media-bug-urge to get on your Facebook account and change that relationship status the second you get that engagement ring on your finger. Allow the feeling to sink in and fill you up until you can’t contain the joy. You’re giving yourself and your fiancé a favor. The moment won’t repeat itself. You can’t recreate the surprise and overwhelming happiness from the beginning of the proposal to the sweet affirmation. Enjoy it. Seeing you light up would be more than enough to make everything he sacrificed to make it happen worth it.


DON’T post it on social media right away.


Imagine the ring sliding on your finger and saying, “OMG! Selfie!” followed by the camera flash and getting on your phone to post on your different social media accounts. It’s an underwhelming reaction which robs you and your partner the full experience of joy from the momentous event. Social media can wait. Your genuine squeal of delight and your partner’s desire to hear it cannot.


DO let the right people know first before posting.


Good relationships don’t just mean leaning on each other during tough times but also sharing the happiness of the good phases. Let your parents and the rest of your immediate family know the wonderful news followed by your closest girlfriends. They’d gladly celebrate with you at that very instance whether they’re in the same area or on the other end of a video call halfway across the world. There’s no need to let your professional circle know about personal matters unless it should affect your work like your schedule and the name you’d be using which you need to inform ahead.


DON’T invite your entire friends list to your wedding.


Check your social media accounts and you probably have hundreds to thousands of friends and maybe double that in followers. Are you sure you can afford to have every single one of them attend your wedding? You may not think that’s possible but simply posting the exact date, time and venue might be misinterpreted as an open invitation. You could be asking, what are the chances of that happening? Well, it’s free food and free booze so who knows?


DO announce it on social media with a creative photo.


Waiting to publicly announce it would give you time to think of the best way of letting people know without being too “loud” about it, so to speak. A unique, tastefully done picture wouldn’t need a lengthy caption as it can do the talking for itself in a glance. Employ the help of your Instagram-savvy friends or your wedding planner, if you can wait until getting one.


DON’T provide too much information.


The relationship is between you and your partner so you don’t owe anyone a detailed account of how your partner proposed, how much money your partner saved from buying the ring at a wholesale jewelry store and how great the kiss was afterwards. These personal information should be kept between the two of you or your trusted friends if everyone’s comfortable with it.