Unique Bridal Bouquets

Throughout our 8 years of planning, we have almost seen it all…ALMOST! As we try to incorporate unique and personalized details into all of our clients events, we really try to focus on there personalities, there overall theme, as well as the “vision” for there event. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to set your wedding apart from others is to get creative with Bouquets. Whether it be the Bridal bouquet, the Bridesmaids, or the Moms, there are fun ways to make them all stand out from each other, as well as focusing on making yours special as well.

Whether it be color blocking, where you delicately focus each color in a specific area, rather than mixing them, giving each bridesmaid a different color, or a different flower in the same color, there are so many fun and creative ideas. Or, have the Bride carry a mix of each solid flower that the Bridesmaids are carrying. Or for that matter, everyone can carry white. Better yet, have the bouquets match the bridesmaids dresses for a more monochromatic look.

In addition, with the Bridal bouquet, you can incorporate beautiful touches such as lockets with family photos, or antique broaches that have been passed down throughout your family. One of our brides even incorporated a Cinderella shoe into her bouquet that her fiance’ had proposed to her with. Also, don’t be afraid to buck the trend of the bride carrying white. In fact, we have even had the bride carry color and the Bridal Party carry white. Or, have the Bridesmaids carry your favorite herb like Lavender to match your color palette. Whatever you decide, just remember, there are no rules. And at Table 6 Productions, we love to create the trend, not follow it. Enjoy!