Dark Blooms

There is something about dark wedding bouquets that have a beauty that is unmatched by brighter ones. Because they are so uncommon in weddings, especially as a bridal bouquet, they hold this mysterious aura to them and demand attention too. A dark bouquet has a sophistication and exquisiteness to them and makes a wonderful statement.  It also creates a great contrast against a white or ivory dress, so everyone will absolutely notice it as soon as you turn the corner to walk down the aisle. They have a very dramatic and exotic look and the flowers that come in the deeper shades are gorgeous and simply elegant. Deeper shaded bouquets are especially good for fall and winter weddings but if you’re looking for an impression then be sure to check out some of these pics! Enjoy!

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Photo Credits: Wish Special Events, The Knot, The Knot Weddings, Wedding Bee, David Perry Films, Custom Counter Budget Beautiful, Custom Counter Belevedere Flowers, Let the Celebration Begin, Showcase Bridal