Bridesmaids Retreats and More!

Let’s be honest, being a Bride is not all roses and mimosas.  The big change in your life can be overwhelming as well as exciting.  When our brides are feeling like this, we recommend Emily!  Emily is a Certified Life Coach that focuses on women in transition, and she offers life coaching for brides and couples coaching for newlyweds.  What really drew us to her are her Bridesmaids/Bachelorette retreats!  Your group can customize your time with her choosing from topics such as self-care practices, time management, living with gratitude, meditation, and more! Snacks and beverages are included as well, which is always a must when you’re with your girls.  These retreats are at Namaste Healing and Meditation Studio in Evergreen, CO, or at any selected location.  Emily believes a retreat is a great alternative to a spa day, or great in conjunction with one.

For more details on Emily’s rejuvenating services, visit her website: www.progressionpartner.com