Black Tux Wedding Style Guide

As wedding planners, we see many guests and even the wedding party failing to dress appropriately for the event. Whether they are dressed too casually or too lavishly, it can disrupt pictures or affect how comfortable the guests feel. To solve this commonly seen dilemma, The Black Tux created a wedding style guide to advise guests on attire according to the assigned dress code, or if not provided with one, according to the venue and setting. The Black Tux is an online suit and tux rental company with many full outfits already styled for you and your event, and they deliver them right to your door! Many of our clients have rented suits from them, and are especially impressed with the pre-styled ensembles which make it convenient for men who don’t have much interest or expertise in fashion. Check out their complete outfits at the link below. The primary style categories are…





Most weddings planned by Table 6 don’t fall into this category, but for a few small backyard weddings it has been acceptable to dress casually. Note that the description of “Casual” in the style guide includes the warning, “but, not too casual.” This means no ripped jeans or flip flops.   We recommend adding some nice jewelry or accessories if you want to jazz up your look without being overdressed.

Semiformal Dressy Casual:

This dress code is very popular for outdoor weddings, because there can be a lot of walking on unpaved or uncarpeted areas, and the weather can have a mind of its own. For men, the style guide recommends a light suit for daytime events and a dark suit for evening events.   We love the way a navy blue suit can transfer from day to night at a wedding, which can be an all day affair.

Beach Formal:

Ladies, I am happy to inform you that no you do not need to wear heels to a beach wedding; it is definitely okay to wear nice flats or sandals. Beach weddings allow guests and even the wedding party to select styles that will enable them to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Our opinion at Table 6 is that you can’t go wrong making a bright and colorful fashion choice (we love aqua or bright pink the best)!


Black Tie Optional:

For the black tie wedding, the dress code crosses over to more formal attire. The “Optional” added at the end means it’s not necessary to dress strictly according to “Black Tie” standards as described in the style guide, but you should consider wearing more formal outfits in keeping with the wedding’s mood.


Black Tie:

Weddings taking place at glamorous locations like luxury hotels may adhere very strictly to Black Tie standards, so men must be wearing a Tuxedo, and women must be wearing a dark or neutral evening gown or formal cocktail dress. This is not the time for men to don the pinstriped coat or for ladies to pull out a hot pink chiffon dress. An elegant black dress is never a bad choice to accompany your hot date in a tuxedo.

White Tie:

This is a very unusual dress code for weddings, and it is almost never required of guests to dress this way. White Tie is what you see in old time movies: a girl in a voluptuous ball gown dancing with a tuxedo-clad man, accented with coat tails, a bow tie, and white gloves. Does anyone even own a ball gown anymore? On rare occasions, we have seen a weddings where the groomsmen have been dressed White Tie, and a couple ladies have been spotted in dramatic, full-length gowns.