A Guide to Wedding Music Planning for Busy Couples


Couples these days are so busy with their everyday lives that wedding planning needs to be carefully incorporated into their everyday schedules if they decide to not hire a wedding planner. This puts certain aspects of the wedding at risk for being left out until the very end, which could ruin your dream wedding. Among all the things to plan out in a wedding, music is typically one of those that couples tend not to think about early on.


The thing is, music is important in any special event, even more so in weddings. To avoid missing out having great music playing in your wedding ceremony or reception, here is a guide to help busy couples plan for their wedding music:


  1. Set a wedding date.

Don’t put this off! Before you even announce to the whole world, decide on a working date. If you really can’t decide just yet, then have several possible dates lined up, but be sure to get this out of the way very early in your engagement. Having a concrete date can help you fix your schedule early on so you’ll know when you’ll need specific wedding tasks done.


  1. Discuss the type of music you prefer.

This goes hand in hand with the type of wedding you envision for yourselves. Will it be a grand event in a big hall? If so, that venue could probably accommodate a wedding band. Do you prefer a show band, or a ceilidh wedding band to play at the reception, or should you just hire a DJ instead? Know what type of music you’d like played at your wedding so that you can move on to getting your wedding tasks organized.


  1. Get organized.

Busy couples, especially, need to be meticulous in wedding planning, and the key to a successful wedding event is organization. Fortunately, there are now plenty of trackers and tools that can be downloaded in order to help you cross off items in your wedding to-do list. Plan out the things you’ll need to do, such as meeting with food and drinks vendors, or venue-searching, and watching wedding bands play.


  1. Research extensively.

Schedule a time for you to check out several wedding bands that you think will fit well with the type of wedding you’re planning. You’ll need to do this months in advance, especially if your wedding date happens to be fall on the peak season. Ask friends for recommendations, and do extensive searches on the internet. Finding the best wedding band Glasgow has to offer starts with just a few taps and clicks on the internet.


  1. Impose free time.

With all the chaos that comes with planning a wedding, you might not realize that you and your husband-to-be have not had much time to yourselves just to relax. Impose free time scattered throughout both of your schedules (and more impromptu ones as needed) in order to keep in touch with each other and reconnect amidst your busy lives. These small moments together will definitely help clear your mind and help you come up with a better plan for your wedding music than if you had trudged on tired and strung up.


Planning a wedding is not easy, particularly for couples who lead very busy lives. But with the proper tools and meticulous scheduling, that dream wedding is definitely not far from being realized – so be sure to have the most fitting and fun wedding music to help your wedding day be even more special.