What’s New in Photo Booth Trends

Us Table 6 Chicks are always looking for the new and upcoming trends in the wedding industry, and this new entertainment technology is sure to break the boundaries of a typical photo booth. Hot Peppers entertainment and dance studio provides 360 degrees photos that will entertain your guests and give them fantastic photos to remember the night. Read how it works below from Hot Peppers entertainment!

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360° Photos

Option #1: Guests are attracted to the alluring cylinder of light from across the room. Guests can grab props and gather around the 360 tower from all sides, and strike a fun pose.  This is especially great for large groups. An attendant gives a countdown and snaps a photo using a remote trigger. A 360 photo is transmitted to a tablet where users can view their photo in full 360 and send it to themselves via text, email, or post it straight to Facebook. Within seconds users get a link sent to them on their phone to their own personal 360 photo viewer. Guests can see a continual rotating 360 photo slideshow on a large flat screen monitor or projection (optional).


Option #2: This is a novel photo booth with a camera taking photos in a complete circle. The booth is a floor-to-cieling, green screen enclosure with a camera in the center taking photos in a complete circle to capture all the action. Photos are printed instantly and can be projected onsite. Photos are also turned into interactive online movies that can be shared on