Preston Bailey’s Incredible Work

We spotted this on Preston Bailey’s blog and we just had to share it with you. If you don’t know who Preston Bailey is, he is like a God of the event designing world. He comes up with some of the most spectacular designs and floral concepts and can transform a space in an awe-inspiring new world. If you want to see some of his incredible work, check out his books, Preston Bailey Celebrations and Preston Bailey’s Fantasy Weddings.

For the end of bridal fashion week in New York, Preston Bailey teamed up with The Knot to create a dramatic statement for their Gala and a dramatic statement it was! He created this huge bride in a wedding dress made of all lush flowers and a his and her’s poodle also made entirely out of flowers next to it. She had a floral hairpiece as well. The sculpture was displayed in front of the New York Public Library. Wish we lived there to see it. We have never seen so many orchids, roses, and hydrangea together in one creative display before. It’s PHENOMENAL to say the least. Words don’t even do it justice.

We especially love the sash on the dress with the flowers cascading out of it.

How cute are these dogs?

Be sure to check out Preston Bailey’s Blog to see more of this amazing work!